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Natalain Royal Gift      "Merlin"

Natalain Royal Gift Natalain Royal Gift
Sex: male    Colour: blue-merle
Born: 12.06.2011
  HD A/A
  ED 0/0
  CEA DNA non-carrier (Zoogene)
  MDR1 -/-
  DM N/N
Height: 60 cm    
Teeth: scissors bite, fullteeth
rough factor
available for stud
Körklasse I

Breeder:   Natalia Popova (kennel: Natalain)
Country: Russia     www

Owner: Karin Rohr-Klein (kennel: Phantom of Scotland)
Country: Germany     www
+ Elke Schnitzenbaumer
Country: Germany

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 0%  AVK 93.33% (4 gen.)
Rowvale River Raider Fido Fax to Foxearth Rowvale Dream Racer Sharidon Silver Phantom at Foxearth
Southcombe Solitaire at Rowvale
Foxearth Fern Ominal Foxearth Fire Cracker
Foxearth Flower de Luce at Misstoff
Southcombe Sophisticate at Rowvale Moon Walker from Misstoff Rowvale Dream Racer
Foxearth Fern Ominal
Southcombe Sunny Spell Southcombe Smart Alec
Southcombe Select Gold
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Greengrove Venice Showgirl
Baron’s Night Blue Stocking Honey Melon Galliano Mist
Forest Star’s Shepherdess
Natalain Normandia Sandcastle’s Naked Gun Sunsweet San Fransisco
Goldbody’s Classy Coctail
Selbit Harmony Nataline Monogram’s Gentleman O’Quaemac
Selbit Tearose


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