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Natalain Normandia      "Dolli"

Natalain Normandia Natalain Normandia
Sex: female    Colour: tricolor
Born: 13.09.2005
Show titles: IntCh, RUS GrandCh, RUS ClubCh, RUS Ch, PL Ch, UKR Ch, CZ Ch, BLR Ch, EST Ch, LT Ch, SLO Ch, BALT Ch, LV Ch, UKR GrandCh, RKF Ch, RUS JCh, WVW-16, Vice EuVW-2014 & 2015
Sport & Work: Character test, Herding Instinct Test, Herding Working Test, trains in herding, Prizewinner of skijoring competition, prizewinner of fast-track competition, Russian behavior test T-1
  HD A/A
  ED 0/0
  CEA/RD/PRA/HC free (5 years)
  CEA DNA carrier (Zoogene)
  DM N/N
Height: 55 cm    
Teeth: scissors bite, fullteeth
rough factor

Breeder:   Natalia Popova (kennel: Natalain)
Country: Russia     www

Owner: Polina Rudenko (kennel: Grazel)
Country: Russia     www      e-mail

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 0%  AVK 96.67% (4 gen.)
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19 children from 3 litters | details

19.10.2008 kennel: Grazel
sire: Helga Neitin Tsaari Timo
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15.06.2011 kennel: Grazel
sire: Blue Moon Leneli
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28.01.2014 kennel: Grazel
sire: Balko Zippy Gopo
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