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Honey Melon Galliano Mist      "Rodi"

Honey Melon Galliano Mist Honey Melon Galliano Mist
Sex: male    Colour: blue-merle
Born: 10.02.1999
Died: 12.08.2011
Show titles: IntCh, FIN Ch, EST Ch, LV Ch, LT Ch, BaltW-02
  HD B/B
  Eyes clear (15 months)
  MDR1 -/-
Finnish mental test +78

Honey Melon
Breeder:   Aila Hartikainen (kennel: Honey Melon)
Country: Finland     www

Owner: Elina Stenberg (kennel: Pinehillside’s)
Country: Finland

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 3.32%  AVK 86.67% (4 gen.)
Dalimattas Blue Berry Boy Foxearth Future Legend Sylbecq Draught Guinness at Foxearth Foxearth Gold Fever
Sylbecq Fleur De Lys
Foxearth Frisson Glenmist Rough Diamond At Lordsvill
Foxearth Frappant
Dalimattas Smooth As Silk Fairlines First Class Lover OneWay’s Classic Case
Cabare’s Classiqe
Fairlines Future Dream Fairlines Butch Cassidy
Tanliy’s Proud Mary
Dalimattas Zabrina Melon Dalimattas Future Freeman Dalimattas Kompanion Kim As You Like It
Sunsweet Fancy Black
Fairlines Future Dream Fairlines Butch Cassidy
Tanliy’s Proud Mary
Exalted Blue-Belle Dalimattas Farmare Felix Foxearth Jubilation
Sunsweet Fancy Black
Exalted Tanjuska Follow Follow The Line
Pihatuvan Essi


10.02.1999 (the same litter)
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 » Honey Melon Gareth Blue
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26 children from 5 litters | details

24.02.2000 kennel: Baron’s Night
dam: Forest Star’s Shepherdess
 » Baron’s Night Bilberry
 » Baron’s Night Bittersweet
 » Baron’s Night Blackberry
 » Baron’s Night Blue Rocks
 » Baron’s Night Blue Stocking
 » Baron’s Night Blues Baby
 » Baron’s Night Brandy Candy

20.05.2004 kennel: Forest Star’s
dam: Forest Star’s Sexy Cola
 » Forest Star’s Electric Blue
 » Forest Star’s Electric Shock
 » Forest Star’s Elegant Edition
 » Forest Star’s Elegant Elf
 » Forest Star’s Elegant Emily

27.08.2004 kennel: Jack Mack’s
dam: Jack Mack’s Favourite Fairy
 » Jack Mack’s Jaunty J-Star
 » Jack Mack’s Jocose J-Star
 » Jack Mack’s Jolly J-Star
 » Jack Mack’s Jovial J-Star
 » Jack Mack’s Joyous J-Star

07.07.2007 kennel: Pinehillside’s
dam: Pinehillside’s Twist Again
 » Pinehillside’s Galliano Raven
 » Pinehillside’s Hot Shot
 » Pinehillside’s Rail Splitter
 » Pinehillside’s Remote Control
 » Pinehillside’s Rusty Nail

20.09.2007 kennel: Asandzan
dam: Mimosan Kind Karen
 » Asandzan Bastian
 » Asandzan Beathan
 » Asandzan Bluebell
 » Asandzan Brennan