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Moon Walker from Misstoff      "Marvin"

Moon Walker from Misstoff
Sex: male    Colour: tricolor
Born: 15.08.1999
Died: 21.10.2011
Show titles: GB Ch, 30x CC, 17x R.CC, 10x BIS
  Eyes clear (4 years)
rough factor

Breeder:   Trevor & Birgit Hayward (kennel: Foxearth)
Country: United Kingdom     www
+ Maria & Tony Foulston (kennel: Misstoff)
Country: United Kingdom

Owner: Jeanette MacGregor (kennel: Rowvale)
Country: United Kingdom

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 10.23%  AVK 83.33% (4 gen.)
Rowvale Dream Racer Sharidon Silver Phantom at Foxearth Newarp Cat Dancing At Dakotah Astrellita The Saddle Tramp
Newarp Silver Moonbeam
Foxearth Silver Florin Newarp Dark Crusader at Jesena
Foxearth Silver Fontan
Southcombe Solitaire at Rowvale Manordeifi Lord Snoopy Foxearth Gold Fever
Manordeifi Lady Samantha
Southcombe Summer Gem Foxearth Furlong
Southcombe Sweet Dreams
Foxearth Fern Ominal Foxearth Fire Cracker Foxearth Gold Fever Chicnoir Midnight Sultan
Astrellita Love Affair
Foxearth Silver Fontan Sylbecq Draught Guinness at Foxearth
Foxearth Silver Fountain
Foxearth Flower de Luce at Misstoff Sharidon Silver Phantom at Foxearth Newarp Cat Dancing At Dakotah
Foxearth Silver Florin
Foxearth Fire Imp Foxearth Fido
Foxearth Formula


 » Dark Motif from Misstoff
 » Faxed Back to Foxearth
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64 children from 14 litters | details

09.05.2001 kennel: Darsign
dam: Hilltarn Blue Eclipse At Darsign
 » Darsign Silver Wings

23.01.2002 kennel: Southcombe
dam: Southcombe Sunny Spell
 » Southcombe Seacher
 » Southcombe Silent Wings at Zellamere
 » Southcombe Sophisticate at Rowvale
 » Southcombe Spellbinder
 » Southcombe Sunset Shadow

22.11.2002 kennel: Derbypark
dam: Lowerpark Pandora at Derbypark
 » Derbypark Starstruck

16.01.2003 kennel: Glencorrie
dam: Astrellita Beloved of Glencorrie
 » Glencorrie Befaithful
 » Glencorrie Begorgeous
 » Glencorrie Betrue
 » Glencorrie Beworthy for Astrellita

01.05.2005 kennel: Du Clos des Castagniers
dam: Astrellita Gold Dust
 » Artemis Aeolus du Clos des Castagniers
 » Artemis Apollo du Clos des Castagniers
 » Artemis Arion du Clos des Castagniers
 » Artemis Aurora du Clos des Castagniers

26.10.2005 kennel: Alopex
dam: Alopex Confetti Blue
 » Alopex Daisychain
 » Alopex Debonaire
 » Alopex Fine Provenance
 » Alopex Girton Girl
 » Alopex Love Lilt
 » Alopex Out of the Blue
 » Alopex Rough Science

31.07.2006 kennel: Manordeifi
dam: Manordeifi Silver Dawn
 » Manordeifi Sapphire Beau
 » Manordeifi Sapphire Mist At Yagane
 » Manordeifi Silvadora
 » Manordeifi Star Spangled
 » Manordeifi Storm Breaker

11.08.2006 kennel: Londer
dam: Foxearth Snowflake
 » Londer Frizante at Foxearth
 » Londer Leighton
 » Londer Moon Trail
 » Londer Moonrock
 » Londer Rough And Tumble

14.11.2006 kennel: Alopex
dam: Alopex Confetti Blue
 » Alopex Blue Bunting
 » Alopex Matt Finnish
 » Alopex Skymaster Blue

09.05.2007 kennel: Rowvale
dam: Foxearth Flaunt It for Rowvale
 » Rowvale Rags To Riches
 » Rowvale Rainbow’s End at Foxearth
 » Rowvale Reach For The Moon
 » Rowvale Rich n Famous
 » Rowvale River of Fortune at Snowtrekka
 » Rowvale Road to Victory
 » Rowvale Rock N Roll

24.05.2007 kennel: Rowvale
dam: Rowvale Chasing Rainbows
 » Rowvale Royal Fanfare
 » Rowvale Royal Flush

19.06.2007 kennel: Flying Heartbreakers
dam: Beautiful Baroness Victoria of Flying Heartbreakers
 » Flying Heartbreakers Earl Edward Coke
 » Flying Heartbreakers Einstein Albert
 » Flying Heartbreakers Elisa Doolittle
 » Flying Heartbreakers Elizabeth
 » Flying Heartbreakers Elliot
 » Flying Heartbreakers Eloquent Charm
 » Flying Heartbreakers Eternal Flair
 » Flying Heartbreakers Every Inch a Lady
 » Flying Heartbreakers Extra Edition Elise
 » Flying Heartbreakers Eye Catcher

09.10.2007 kennel: Dawcher
dam: Southcombe Sweet as a Nut
 » Dawcher Dawn’s Hope
 » Dawcher Dawn’s Shadow

27.05.2008 kennel: Shulune
dam: Shulune Lady of Lorien
 » Shulune Imperial Flower Of Plaisance
 » Shulune Imperial Magic
 » Shulune Imperial Moonlite at McClelland
 » Shulune Imperial Mystique
 » Shulune Imperial Signature
 » Shulune Imperial Star
 » Shulune Imperial Stormmaid at Triforce
 » Shulune Imperial Warrior at Hylaird