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Jeanette MacGregor

Kennel: Rowvale
Country: United Kingdom

Owner or co-owner:

 » Foxearth Flaunt It for Rowvale
 » Laureats Love in a Mist
 » Lilymead Quite a Lady at Rowvale
 » Moon Walker from Misstoff
 » Rowvale Chasing Rainbows
 » Rowvale Dream Racer
 » Rowvale River Gambler
 » Rowvale Rose Marie
 » Southcombe Second Thoughts at Rowvale
 » Southcombe Solitaire at Rowvale
 » Southcombe Sophisticate at Rowvale


17.10.1996 Sharidon Silver Phantom at Foxearth x Southcombe Solitaire at Rowvale
 » Rowvale Dream Racer
 » Rowvale Moon Rocket at Boothwood
 » Rowvale Rainbow Warrior
 » Rowvale Rose Marie

27.09.2000 Southcombe Scotch On The Rocks x Rowvale Rose Marie
 » Rowvale Ring O Roses at Zellamere
 » Rowvale Storm Rising at Southcombe

03.08.2005 Fido Fax to Foxearth x Southcombe Sophisticate at Rowvale
 » Rowvale Chasing Rainbows
 » Rowvale Raging River
 » Rowvale River Gambler
 » Rowvale River Pirate
 » Rowvale River Raider
 » Rowvale Rolling Thunder
 » Rowvale Snowy River
 » Rowvale Still River

09.05.2007 Moon Walker from Misstoff x Foxearth Flaunt It for Rowvale
 » Rowvale Rags To Riches
 » Rowvale Rainbow’s End at Foxearth
 » Rowvale Reach For The Moon
 » Rowvale Rich n Famous
 » Rowvale River of Fortune at Snowtrekka
 » Rowvale Road to Victory
 » Rowvale Rock N Roll

24.05.2007 Moon Walker from Misstoff x Rowvale Chasing Rainbows
 » Rowvale Royal Fanfare
 » Rowvale Royal Flush