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Chicnoir Midnight Sultan

Chicnoir Midnight Sultan
Sex: male    Colour: tricolor
Born: 20.12.1974
Show titles: GB Ch

Breeder:   P. Gadd (kennel: Chicnoir)
Country: United Kingdom

Owner: Mike & Lynne Marsh (kennel: Jzero)
Country: United Kingdom

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 1.68%  AVK 93.33% (4 gen.)
Crossfell’s Sea Tandem Selskars Milligan Wythenshawe Windhover Wythenshawe Watchful
Wythenshawe Wattatrreasure
Selskars Gay Kristina Wythenshawe Windrush
Selskars Peterblue Susan
Crossfell’s Selskars Soldanella Dancerwood Dangerman Dancerwood Who Dat
Dancerwood Little Model
Selskars Gay Solo Selskars Blue Berry
Selskars Gay Susanna
Dancerwood Diamond Lil Dancerwood Mighty Grand (rough collie) Cathanbrae High And Mighty (rough collie) Ralveras Donnas Dale
Cathanbrae Golden Rust Queen
Jefsfire Gay Reward of Dancerwood (rough collie) Jefsfire High Return
Jefsfire Gay Return
Kirkhough’s Funfair Crossfell’s Sea Gemini Crossfell’s Sea Rajah
Crossfell’s Sea Premonition
Dancerwood Witchcraft Dancerwood Who Dat
Dancerwood Little Model

20 children from 9 litters | details

07.09.1976 kennel: Jzero
dam: Chicnoir Silver Shoe of Jzero
 » Jzero Midnight Bandit
 » Jzero Moondust of Newarp
 » Jzero Moonshadow

16.06.1979 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Astrellita Love Affair
 » Foxearth Facula
 » Foxearth Fenix
 » Foxearth Flambera
 » Foxearth Freelance
 » Foxearth Gold Fever

07.09.1980 kennel: Chicnoir
dam: Chicnoir Blue Star
 » Chicnoir Blue Riband

04.09.1982 kennel: Lilymead
dam: Sylbecq Snow in Harvest at Lilymead
 » Lilymead Apollo of Southcombe

10.09.1982 kennel: Lilymead
dam: Sylbecq Queen of the Night at Jzero
 » Lilymead Barbarosa

05.01.1984 kennel: Chicnoir
dam: Chicnoir Golden Sorrel
 » Chicnoir Fine Romance from Crossfell
 » Chicnoir Jazzman at Zarosa
 » Chicnoir Star Kiss

29.02.1984 kennel: Hilltarn
dam: Angelfield Sweet Dreams at Hilltarn
 » Hilltarn Lucifer

14.04.1984 kennel: Lilymead
dam: Sylbecq Snow in Harvest at Lilymead
 » Lilymead Gwenavaire

17.05.1985 kennel: Glenmist
dam: Astrellita Blue Movie of Glenmist
 » Glenmist Blue Diamond at Francolls
 » Glenmist Blue Lodestone
 » Glenmist Blue Sapphire
 » Glenmist Rough Diamond at Lordsvill