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Manordeifi Bow Regard

Manordeifi Bow Regard
Sex: male    Colour: sable
Born: 09.07.2016
Show titles: R.CC
  CEA free (as puppy)

Breeder:   Delia Moores (kennel: Manordeifi)
Country: United Kingdom     www      e-mail

Owner: Delia Moores (kennel: Manordeifi)
Country: United Kingdom     www      e-mail

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 0%  AVK 100% (4 gen.)
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Southcombe Styled In Gold For Manordeifi
Manordeifi Sweet Sensation Manordeifi Star Buster of Patlyns
Manordeifi Black Agnes
Manordeifi Satin ’N Lace at Tomalca Sandcastle’s True Topic Sandcastle’s Truth Or Dare
Sandcastle’s Sweet Valentine
Manordeifi Silver Dawn Rowvale Storm Rising at Southcombe
Manordeifi Silver Serenade


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