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Kangasvuokon Put Up The Pow-wow      "Risto"

Kangasvuokon Put Up The Pow-wow
Sex: male    Colour: tricolor
Born: 04.09.1998
Died: 28.12.2007
Show titles: IntCh, NORD Ch, GB Ch, FIN Ch, S Ch, DK Ch, RUS Ch
  HD A/A
  CEA free (18 months)
Finnish mental test +172

Breeder:   Piia Enlund (kennel: Kangasvuokon)
Country: Finland     www

Owner: Piia Enlund (kennel: Kangasvuokon)
Country: Finland     www

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 3.32%  AVK 90% (4 gen.)
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46 children from 8 litters | details

25.08.2000 kennel: Kangasvuokon
dam: Vesimiehen La Kangasvuokko
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02.03.2001 kennel: Foxearth
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09.05.2001 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Cownbred Blithe Spirit at Foxearth
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05.06.2001 kennel: Manordeifi
dam: Manordeifi Silver Serenade
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13.09.2001 kennel: Alopex
dam: Alopex Silverstone
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05.06.2002 kennel: Kangasvuokon
dam: Colombian Friend’s Key to Love
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02.08.2003 kennel: Kangasvuokon
dam: Vesimiehen La Kangasvuokko
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28.09.2006 kennel: Dandinas
dam: Dandinas Dreams’N Wishes
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