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Foxearth Finlander of Sturtmoor

Foxearth Finlander of Sturtmoor
Sex: male    Colour: blue-merle
Born: 02.03.2001
Show titles: 3x R.CC
Height: 58 cm    

Breeder:   Trevor & Birgit Hayward (kennel: Foxearth)
Country: United Kingdom     www

Owner: Amelia Kinsey (kennel: Sturtmoor)
Country: United Kingdom     www

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 0%  AVK 93.33% (4 gen.)
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53 children from 10 litters | details

23.09.2004 kennel: Freejack
dam: Chicnoir Hors-La-Loi-III
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20.09.2005 kennel: Sturtmoor
dam: Chicnoir Ice Krystal of Sturtmoor
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14.09.2007 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Foxearth Snowflake
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 » Foxearth Fallen For You
 » Foxearth Fallen In Love
 » Foxearth Falling For You
 » Foxearth Falling In Love

21.09.2007 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Foxearth Follow The Dream
 » Foxearth Follow Follow
 » Foxearth Follow Me
 » Foxearth Follow That Dream
 » Foxearth Follow You
 » Foxearth Following On
 » Foxearth Forever Dreaming
 » Foxearth Silver Dream at Jimjack
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28.12.2007 kennel: Cownbred
dam: Norfield Floribunda Rose at Cownbred
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29.12.2007 kennel: Cownbred
dam: Cownbred Follies Bergere at Bothways
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 » Cownbred Finlay
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28.07.2008 kennel: Cownbred
dam: Norfield Floribunda Rose at Cownbred
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20.03.2009 kennel: Pelghart
dam: Pelghart Private Dancer
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26.05.2010 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Sandcastle’s All Dressed Up
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 » Foxearth Family Affair
 » Foxearth Fashion Designer
 » Foxearth Favour For Friends
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16.09.2010 kennel: Kingrock
dam: Foxearth Fashion Icon at Kingrock
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