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Dalimattas Future Flipper

Dalimattas Future Flipper
Sex: male    Colour: tricolor
Born: 26.04.1989
Show titles: FIN Ch, EuW-91
  HD A/A
  CEA free (as puppy)
Finnish mental test +99

Breeder:   Birgitta Hansson (kennel: Dalimattas)
Country: Finland     www

Owner: Tuija Heikkilä
Country: Finland

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 6.25%  AVK 76.67% (4 gen.)
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35 children from 8 litters | details

08.04.1992 kennel: Timonan
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24.10.1992 kennel: Dalimattas
dam: Exalted Blue-Belle
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11.04.1993 kennel: Futuremix
dam: Exalted Danja-Natacha
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16.03.1995 kennel: Futuremix
dam: Exalted Danja-Natacha
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08.08.1997 kennel: Häntiäisen
dam: Sandcastle’s Sister-Sanelma
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27.08.1997 kennel: Marmalade’s
dam: Sandcastle’s Hearts Bye Bye
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17.04.1999 kennel: OneWay’s
dam: OneWay’s Simply The Best
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