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Sunsweet The Ringmaster

Sunsweet The Ringmaster
Sex: male    Colour: sable
Born: 20.02.1994
Show titles: IntCh, FIN Ch, EST Ch, LV Ch, ESTW-95, BALTW-97
Sport & Work: VK1
  HD A/A
  CEA free (1 year)

Breeder:   Marita Axi (kennel: Sunsweet)
Country: Finland

Owner: Jonna Suojasalmi
Country: Finland

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 3.22%  AVK 90% (4 gen.)
Baubon’s Oklahoma Oliwer Fairlines Last Minute Advance Jumping Jack Flash Clearmount Turn Me Loose
Foxearth Fashionable
Tanliy’s Proud Mary Foxearth Jubilation
Glennfields Ginette
Goldbody’s Amazing Amazon Foxearth Frankie Sylbecq Draught Guinness at Foxearth
Foxearth Frappant
Baubon’s Sister-Selina Fairlines Billy The Kid
Tanliy’s Sister Jane
Dalimattas Future Flora Dalimattas Kompanion Kim As You Like It Clearmount Tigerrag
Sunsweet Hazel Eye
Sunsweet Fancy Black Talcott Fugitive
Glennfields Gordiet Girl
Fairlines Future Dream Fairlines Butch Cassidy Glennfields Garrison
Astrellita Abba
Tanliy’s Proud Mary Foxearth Jubilation
Glennfields Ginette


 » Sunsweet Gift of Love
 » Sunsweet Sierra Madre
 » Sunsweet Stephenson

39 children from 9 litters | details

27.04.1995 kennel: Finn-Beauty’s
dam: Foxearth Flambeau
 » Finn-Beauty’s Gipsy Girl
 » Finn-Beauty’s Gold Fever
 » Finn-Beauty’s Great Guy
 » Finn-Beauty’s Greta Garbo
 » Finn-Beauty’s Guinness
 » Finn-Beauty’s Gulliver

06.07.1995 kennel: Scandyline
dam: Dalimattas Dancing Dream
 » Scandyline Celestial Dream
 » Scandyline Cinja My Dream

13.08.1995 kennel: Timonan
dam: Maxmila’s Catriona
 » Timonan Fantom Face
 » Timonan Fellow Fenix
 » Timonan Fiery Fiona
 » Timonan Foxtrot Fonzie

13.03.1997 kennel: Sunsweet
dam: Dalimattas Future Flora
 » Sunsweet Star Is Born

24.07.1997 kennel: Dandinas
dam: Dalimattas Just A Princess
 » Dandinas Just A Beauty
 » Dandinas Just A Cowboy
 » Dandinas Just A Master
 » Dandinas Just A Prince
 » Dandinas Just a Showgirl
 » Dandinas Just Be My Joy

10.08.1997 kennel: Timonan
dam: Timonan Amy Amorina
 » Timonan Hazel Haimie
 » Timonan Hectic Herbie
 » Timonan Hippie Hilary
 » Timonan Hitpot Higgins

21.06.1998 kennel: Suokarpalon
dam: Icedream’s Future Diana
 » Suokarpalon Äkäpussi
 » Suokarpalon Aurora Borealis
 » Suokarpalon Don Juan
 » Suokarpalon Hajuherne
 » Suokarpalon Stella Polaris
 » Suokarpalon Ultima Thule

09.07.1998 kennel: Sandcastle’s
dam: Sandcastle’s Mustang Sally
 » Sandcastle’s Buffalo Bill
 » Sandcastle’s Frisco Kid
 » Sandcastle’s Not a Spacecase
 » Sandcastle’s Ready Set Go
 » Sandcastle’s Rodeo Rose
 » Sandcastle’s Stetson Sally

02.11.2000 kennel: Dandinas
dam: Dandinas Angel Lady
 » Dandinas Filled Dream
 » Dandinas Finnish Gift
 » Dandinas For The Future
 » Dandinas Future Victory