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Dancerwood Court Jester

Dancerwood Court Jester Dancerwood Court Jester
Sex: male    Colour: tricolor
Born: 24.07.1976
Show titles: 5x CC
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Breeder:   Judith White (kennel: Dancerwood)
Country: United Kingdom

Past owner: Stella Clark (kennel: Astrellita)
Country: United Kingdom

Owner: Gun Andersson
Country: Sweden

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 1.68%  AVK 93.33% (4 gen.)
Treewood Black King Peterblue Nigel Peterblue Leader Roxton Peterblue Zebbadee
Peterblue Emma
Peterblue Catriona Roxton Peterblue Zebbadee
Peterblue The Grand Duchess
Dancerwood My Solo Dancerwood Who Dat Selskars Duncan
Selskars Sablette
Dancerwood Call Me Madame Dancerwood Dangerman
Dancerwood Little Jewel
Dancerwood Freelance Dancerwood Mighty Grand (rough collie) Cathanbrae High And Mighty (rough collie) Ralveras Donnas Dale
Cathanbrae Golden Rust Queen
Jefsfire Gay Reward of Dancerwood (rough collie) Jefsfire High Return
Jefsfire Gay Return
Kirkhough’s Funfair Crossfell’s Sea Gemini Crossfell’s Sea Rajah
Crossfell’s Sea Premonition
Dancerwood Witchcraft Dancerwood Who Dat
Dancerwood Little Model


24.07.1976 (the same litter)
 » Dancerwood Bewitched of Astrellita
 » Dancerwood Crown Jewel
 » Dancerwood Free and Easy
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 » Dancerwood Gem’s Cygnet
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34 children from 12 litters | details

??? kennel: Pasello’s
dam: Stardogs Born Golden
 » Pasello’s Dream Sweaty

25.05.1977 kennel: Astrellita
dam: Dancerwood Dellaware from Crossfell
 » Astrellita Bugsy Malone from Crossfell
 » Astrellita The Gunslinger of Newarp

25.10.1977 kennel: Astrellita
dam: Silveretta of Astrellita (rough collie)
 » Astrellita The Silversmith

25.04.1978 kennel: Romalia
dam: Talcott Dora
 » Romalia Ring of Roses

12.05.1978 kennel: Astrellita
dam: Dancerwood Dellaware from Crossfell
 » Astrellita Love Affair

27.06.1978 kennel: -
dam: Rangelands Ailsa (rough collie)
 » Honey Bun of Astrellita

17.04.1979 kennel: -
dam: Fairlines Gossip-Girl
 » Cornelia

06.05.1979 kennel: Fairlines
dam: Glennfields Ginette
 » Fairlines C-J-Jansson
 » Fairlines C-J-Jeromy
 » Fairlines C-J-Justice
 » Fairlines G-Glamour
 » Fairlines G-Glossy
 » Fairlines Gambeling-Girl

14.03.1980 kennel: Fairlines
dam: Glennfields Ginette
 » Fairlines Batman
 » Fairlines Dragos
 » Fairlines Hipshot
 » Fairlines Mandrake
 » Fairlines Superman
 » Fairlines Velvetdream

10.05.1981 kennel: -
dam: Dormac’s Angel Face
 » One Way Ticket

10.04.1984 kennel: Karenclan’s
dam: Dalimattas Kortis Karamell
 » Karenclan’s Casanova
 » Karenclan’s Chamberlain
 » Karenclan’s Chevalier
 » Karenclan’s Clemency
 » Karenclan’s Clever Chap
 » Karenclan’s Court Lover
 » Karenclan’s Galanight

21.04.1986 kennel: Fairlines
dam: Tanliy’s Proud Mary
 » Fairlines Faraway Bellatrix
 » Fairlines Faraway Capella
 » Fairlines Faraway Cassiopeja
 » Fairlines Faraway Pegasus
 » Fairlines Faraway Perseus
 » Fairlines Faraway Pollux