Dancerwood Dellaware from Crossfell

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Sex: female
Colour: sable
Born: 08.12.1973
Kennel: Dancerwood
kennel: Dancerwood
Country: United Kingdom
kennel: Astrellita
Country: United Kingdom


4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations
COI 0% AVK 86.36% (4 gen. - uncomplete)
Dancerwood Mighty Grand (rough collie) Cathanbrae High And Mighty (rough collie) Ralveras Donnas Dale ?
Cathanbrae Golden Rust Queen ?
Jefsfire Gay Reward of Dancerwood (rough collie) Jefsfire High Return ?
Jefsfire Gay Return ?
Kirkhough’s Funfair Crossfell’s Sea Gemini Crossfell’s Sea Rajah Dancerwood Who Dat
Crossfell’s Sea Imagination
Crossfell’s Sea Premonition Selskars Milligan
Crossfell’s Selskars Soldanella
Dancerwood Witchcraft Dancerwood Who Dat Selskars Duncan
Selskars Sablette
Dancerwood Little Model Selskars Milligan
Selskars Sablette