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Merland Blue Symphony

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Sex: female    Colour: blue-merle
Born: 20.03.1990

Breeder:   John & Emmie Seldon (kennel: Merland)
Country: United Kingdom

Owner: John & Emmie Seldon (kennel: Merland)
Country: United Kingdom

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 1.59%  AVK 96.67% (4 gen.)
Glenmist Blue Lodestone Chicnoir Midnight Sultan Crossfell’s Sea Tandem Selskars Milligan
Crossfell’s Selskars Soldanella
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Kirkhough’s Funfair
Astrellita Blue Movie of Glenmist Cathanbrae Polar Moon At Pelido (rough collie) Pelido Black Prince (rough collie)
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Astrellita Madonna at Merland Astrellita Ambassador Astrellita The Saddle Tramp Astrellita The Gunslinger of Newarp
Dancerwood Bewitched of Astrellita
Bothways Bright Amber Bothways Beat It
Francesca from Foxearth at Bothways
Lowna Lacemaker Astrellita Midnight Dynamo Astrellita Able Seaman (rough collie)
Dancerwood Dellaware from Crossfell
Astrellita Dolly Blue of Lowna Astrellita The Silversmith
Astrellita Moonstone


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13 children from 2 litters | details

19.12.1992 kennel: Merland
sire: Newarp Dark Sorcerer
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01.04.1995 kennel: Merland
sire: Newarp Dark Sorcerer
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