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Honey Melon Queen of Ice      "Minttu"

Honey Melon Queen of Ice
Sex: female    Colour: blue-merle
Born: 06.11.2005
  HD A/A

Honey Melon
Breeder:   Aila Hartikainen (kennel: Honey Melon)
Country: Finland     www

Owner: Aila Hartikainen (kennel: Honey Melon)
Country: Finland     www

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 3.33%  AVK 90% (4 gen.)
Dandinas Blue Brother Dalimattas Special Spencer Fairlines First Class Lover OneWay’s Classic Case
Cabare’s Classiqe
Dalimattas Day Dream Dalimattas Svarte Fridolf
Fairlines Future Dream
Dalimattas Zilver Zenita Dalimattas Future Freeman Dalimattas Kompanion Kim
Fairlines Future Dream
Exalted Blue-Belle Dalimattas Farmare Felix
Exalted Tanjuska
Pinehillside’s Black’N Beauty Honey Melon Hartley Henry Dandinas Amazing Spirit Braemar’s What’s His Face
Dalimattas My Sweet Lady
Finn-Beauty’s Gipsy Girl Sunsweet The Ringmaster
Foxearth Flambeau
Honey Melon Ice-Cream Kiss Dalimattas Blue Berry Boy Foxearth Future Legend
Dalimattas Smooth As Silk
Dalimattas Zabrina Melon Dalimattas Future Freeman
Exalted Blue-Belle


06.11.2005 (the same litter)
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 » Honey Melon Quicksilver
 » Honey Melon Quite A Magic

 » Honey Melon Silver Star
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21 children from 3 litters | details

10.05.2008 kennel: Honey Melon
sire: Dalimattas Line Of Life
 » Honey Melon Ukulele Girl
 » Honey Melon Ultramarine
 » Honey Melon Unique Boy
 » Honey Melon Unknown Soldier
 » Honey Melon Until To Night
 » Honey Melon Up And Go
 » Honey Melon Upon A Dream
 » Honey Melon Ups Panda

17.08.2010 kennel: Honey Melon
sire: Kangasvuokon Star Operation
 » Honey Melon Black Casanova
 » Honey Melon Black Cinderella
 » Honey Melon Blue Cool Lady

17.01.2012 kennel: Honey Melon
sire: Lubin’s Great Gambler
 » Honey Melon Black Barracuda
 » Honey Melon Black Cadillac
 » Honey Melon Black Jaguar
 » Honey Melon Blue Challonger
 » Honey Melon Blue Charmer
 » Honey Melon Dancing Diana
 » Honey Melon Dear Dahlia
 » Honey Melon Dear Diamond
 » Honey Melon Delicate Daisy
 » Honey Melon Divine Diana