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Clingstone’s Make The Point      "Topi"

Clingstone’s Make The Point Clingstone’s Make The Point
Sex: male    Colour: sable
Born: 12.07.2013
Show titles: IntCh, RO Ch, H Ch, 2x CACA (AT), CAC (CZ), 4x CACIB, 2x R.CACIB, 4x BOB, 3x BOS, 3.BIG, Best Male, res. BIS, Special show winner 2017 (CZ), DKJW-14, NORDJW-14, FINW-15, ENE 2017 - champion class winner
Sport & Work: TAN
  HD A/A
  ED 0/0
  Eyes clear (as puppy & 14 months)
  CEA DNA carrier
available for stud

Breeder:   Satu Asikainen (kennel: Clingstone’s)
Country: Finland     www

Owner: Dita Ungerová (kennel: Bila Kaífa)
Country: Czech republic     www      e-mail

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 0%  AVK 100% (4 gen.)
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