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Sex: female
Colour: blue-merle
Born: 01.06.2021
Reg. nr.: FI41618/21
  • Eyes clear (5 weeks - 08.07.2021)
Kennel: -
Country: Finland


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 0% AVK 96.67% American lines 12.5% (4 gen.)
Siniketun Il Duce Rosso (rough collie) Siniketun Testarossa (rough collie) Mc Leod’s Call Me Tomorrow (rough collie) Van-M Hurricane The Next Star (rough collie)
Van-M Elegance Miss Demeanor (rough collie)
Siniketun Sinisafiiri (rough collie) Siniketun Sinisulo (rough collie)
Siniketun Emeralde (rough collie)
Hannah Abbot Della Casa Dei Collies (rough collie) Siniketun Slash Hudson (rough collie) Littlelook Impossible Man (rough collie)
Siniketun Sinisafiiri (rough collie)
Olympic Flame von der Ischlerbahn (rough collie) Xcalibur von der Ischlerbahn
Queen’s Early Golden
Pandarellan Angelika Dane Amor Sound Of Love Clingstone’s Smart As Timonan Nero Nestor
Sandcastle’s All Dressed Up
Dane Amor Coco Mademoiselle Bell Pepper’s Ghost Buster
Linnanneidon Isebel
Pandarellan Levoton Tyttö Kangasvuokon Oliwer Clingstone’s No Comments
Kangasvuokon Michelle
Pandarellan Ulle Dulle Doff OneWay’s Gold Rush
Sandcastle’s Oh’Yes
Virtual pedigree with male: