Tristam Sir Cedrik Slick

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Sex: male
Colour: ?
Born: ?
Shows & titles
Champion: USA Ch
Kennel: Tristam
kennel: Tristam
Country: USA
kennel: Tristam
Country: USA


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 3.13% AVK 95.83% American lines 100% (4 gen. - incompl.)
Cul Mor’s Nonesuch Cul Mor’s Conspiratour (rough collie) Teecumsee Temptor (rough collie) Silver Ho Parader
Macelm Golden Dawn
Cul Mor’s M’Lady Frolic (rough collie) Addition of Lilac Lane
Sunnymar Pleasant Hill Gem
Cul Mor’s Deadly Nightshade Cul Mor’s Loch Ness Beastie Cul Mor’s Dunaegan of Ebonwood
Shallimar Yadanac (rough collie)
Cul Mor’s Quean Meg York of Pebble Ledge
Cul Mor’s Babette of Ebonwood
Tristam Samantha Slick Tristam Triptych O’Bellhaven ? ?
? ?
Cul Mor’s Tristam Trajectory Pebble Ledge Legacy of Cul Mor Glengyle Smooth Sailing
Linda of Bellemount
Cul Mor’s Calpurnia Cul Mor’s Conspiratour (rough collie)
Cul Mor’s Dalmally
Virtual pedigree with female: