Cul Mor’s Deadly Nightshade

Cul Mor’s Deadly Nightshade
Sex: female
Colour: tricolor
Born: 1965
Shows & titles
Champion: USA Ch
Kennel: Cul Mor’s
kennel: Cul Mor’s
Country: USA
kennel: Cul Mor’s
Country: USA


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 6.25% AVK 84.62% American lines 87.5% (4 gen. - incompl.)
Cul Mor’s Loch Ness Beastie Cul Mor’s Dunaegan of Ebonwood Cul Mor’s Kilcullen O’Ebonwood Bellochanty Belafonte (rough collie)
Belle Mount Bambi
Echo of Ebonwood Christopher of Pebble Ledge
Belle Mount Bambi
Shallimar Yadanac (rough collie) ToKalon’s Blue Banner (rough collie) ?
Windcall’s Black Firefly (rough collie) ?
Cul Mor’s Quean Meg York of Pebble Ledge Christopher of Pebble Ledge Harline’s Son of Cainbrooke (rough collie)
Pebble Ledge Bambi
Pebble Ledge Little Dorrit Laund Laventer
Laund Larchfield
Cul Mor’s Babette of Ebonwood Bellochanty Belafonte (rough collie) Bellochanty Masterpiece
Bellochanty Balalaika
Belle Mount Bambi Luke of Pebble Ledge
Belle Mount Rosie Future (rough collie)
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2 children from 1 litter | details

kennel: Cul Mor’s
father: Cul Mor’s Conspiratour (rough collie)