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Poulsgaards William O’Connell

Poulsgaards William O’Connell
Sex: male    Colour: sable
Born: 19.09.1992
Show titles: DK Ch

Breeder:   Tove Holmboe (kennel: Poulsgaards)
Country: Denmark

Owner: ???
Country: Denmark

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 0%  AVK 100% (4 gen.)
Cepu-Jesse’s Argos Exalted Cepu Jesse Dalimattas Kung Karolus As You Like It
Sunsweet Fancy Black
Exalted Stella Dalimattas Farmare Felix
Pihatuvan Essi
Gaatzigan Jilly Sunsweet Love Me Tender Foxearth Jubilation
Glennfields Gordiet Girl
Baubon’s Sally Scandal Fairlines Billy The Kid
Tanliy’s Sister Jane
Poulsgaards Song Of Love Frazer From Foxearth Sylbecq Draught Guinness at Foxearth Foxearth Gold Fever
Sylbecq Fleur De Lys
Jzero Sweet Rosea Of Patlyn’s Chicnoir Golden Rafferty
Sylbecq Queen of the Night at Jzero
Foxearth Forever Loving Cotsbelle The Look Of Love Don Juan of Passim (rough collie)
Cotsbelle Love Is Blue
Foxearth Frappant Foxearth Fenix
Jalonda’s Jacanapes


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19.09.1992 (the same litter)
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26 children from 3 litters | details

02.05.1994 kennel: Poulsgaards
dam: Sunsweet Silence Is Golden
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01.09.1995 kennel: Poulsgaards
dam: Sunsweet Silence Is Golden
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 » Poulsgaards Great Guardian Max

18.03.1997 kennel: Poulsgaards
dam: Sunsweet Silence Is Golden
 » Poulsgaards Seductive Smooth Girl
 » Poulsgaards Sensational Smooth Move
 » Poulsgaards Shane The Silent Smooth
 » Poulsgaards Shining Black Success
 » Poulsgaards Sovering Showgirl
 » Poulsgaards Sparkling O’Connel
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