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OneWay’s Skalle Per      "Per"

OneWay’s Skalle Per
Sex: male    Colour: sable
Born: 18.04.1999
Died: 08.05.2009
Show titles: IntCh, GB Ch, N Ch, S Ch, Bundessieger-02, SW-07
Other titles: KORAD
  HD A
  strong Crd (as puppy), moderate Crd (4 years)
Korning (old) +177

Breeder:   Jeanette Sävlund (kennel: OneWay’s)
Country: Sweden     www

Owner: Jeanette Sävlund (kennel: OneWay’s)
Country: Sweden     www

Pedigree:      4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations                    COI 5.65%  AVK 83.33% (4 gen.)
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26 children from 7 litters | details

19.09.2001 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Cownbred Hot ’N’ Spicy at Foxearth
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22.10.2001 kennel: Astrellita
dam: Astrellita Bedazzled
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07.11.2001 kennel: Chicnoir
dam: Chicnoir Solitaire
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11.02.2002 kennel: Foxearth
dam: Foxearth Playing With Fire
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 » Foxearth Flame of Love at Ostarain
 » Foxearth Flash Past
 » Foxearth Flexible Friend
 » Foxearth Speckled Wood

15.03.2002 kennel: Pelghart
dam: Pelghart Painted Lady
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25.04.2002 kennel: Tentola
dam: Ochilview Proper Madam of Tentola
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 » Tentola Smooth Operator of Oakaville

22.06.2002 kennel: OneWay’s
dam: OneWay’s Devil Inside
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