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Annikki Jalonen

Kennel: Exalted
Country: Finland

Owner or co-owner:

 » Exalted Tanjuska
 » Pihatuvan Essi


04.08.1983 Dalimattas Farmare Felix x Pihatuvan Essi
 » Exalted Sami
 » Exalted Samutemu
 » Exalted Sepi
 » Exalted Sette
 » Exalted Snettan
 » Exalted Stella

17.11.1984 Follow Follow The Line x Pihatuvan Essi
 » Exalted Tanjuska

26.06.1986 Dalimattas Farmare Felix x Exalted Tanjuska
 » Exalted Blue-Belle

08.09.1986 Dalimattas Kung Karolus x Exalted Stella
 » Exalted Cepu Jesse

08.11.1989 Sunsweet Love Me Tender x Exalted Tanjuska
 » Exalted Danja-Natacha