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Eva Engvall

Kennel: Follow
Country: Sweden

Owner or co-owner:

 » Follow Blue Vagabond
 » Follow Night Rider
 » Gemdales Shimmering Sonia
 » Hillringens Tri to Follow
 » La Rocca’s Moodyblue
 » Talcott Follow On
 » Wigmakers Abstract Idea to Follow


03.02.1980 La Rocca’s O.K. x La Rocca’s Moodyblue
 » Follow Night Rider

31.05.1983 Follow Night Rider x Talcott Follow On
 » Follow Follow The Line
 » Follow Followfame
 » Follow Followme
 » Follow Followthenight
 » Follow Followtherider
 » Follow Followup

01.05.1986 Follow Followfame x Hillringens Tri to Follow
 » Follow Night Lady At Almond

18.10.1992 Oneway’s Gunfighter At Villa Rosa x Follow Night Lady At Almond
 » Follow Blue Vagabond
 » Follow Villa Rosas Blue Vibration