Planned litter

Planned: 2023
Possible colours: tricolor, blue-merle
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Father: Diamondfox Miracle Of Nightfall
Mother: Diamondfox Command To Be Sweet
Kennel: Diamondfox
kennel: Diamondfox
Country: Finland


Diamondfox Miracle Of Nightfall

Diamondfox Miracle Of Nightfall "Blues"

tricolor male
Reg. nr.: FI50365/15
  • Eyes clear (5 weeks - 29.10.2015)
  • HD A/A
  • ED 0/0
  • MDR1 +/+
  • DM N/N
  • CN (GCS) non-carrier
  • MyDogDNA-genetests (over 200 tests: clear)
pure for smooth
Testicles: OK
father of 1 litter
Diamondfox Command To Be Sweet

Diamondfox Command To Be Sweet

blue-merle female
Reg. nr.: FI48344/20
Shows & titles
Show titles: CQ, Best Female 3
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  • Eyes clear (7 weeks - 22.10.2020)
  • Eyes clear (1 year, 8 months - 16.05.2022)
  • HD B/A
  • ED 0/0
  • Back VA0, LTV1
  • MyDogDNA-genetests
rough factor


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 1.05% AVK 92.86% American lines 12.5% (5 gen. - incompl.)
Diamondfox Miracle Of Nightfall Calibra’s George o’th Jungle OneWay’s Gold Rush OneWay’s Hugo Boss OneWay’s Roses N’Rings
OneWay’s Clefairy
OneWay’s Miss Marple OneWay’s Al Capone
OneWay’s Sticky Sweet
Calibra’s Deja Vú Bell Pepper’s Datapen Calibra’s Black Bogieman
Greengrove Venice Showgirl
Calibra’s Love Token Sandcastle’s Oklahoma Obelix
Timonan Fiery Fiona
Dane Amor Miracle Of Love Clingstone’s Smart As Timonan Nero Nestor Honey Melon Hartley Henry
Timonan Kimmy Kidilee
Sandcastle’s All Dressed Up Sandcastle’s Zoot Suit
Sandcastle’s Oops I Did It Again
Dane Amor Coco Mademoiselle Bell Pepper’s Ghost Buster Bell Pepper’s Datapen
Ecstasy Krásná Louka
Linnanneidon Isebel Timonan Grizzly Grande
Eversti Överin Rubiini
Diamondfox Command To Be Sweet Wicani Command Performance (rough collie) Van-M Good Fellow at Wicani (rough collie) Van-M Good Samaritan ?
Van-M Free Lunch ?
Wicani Wicked Indulgence (rough collie) Wicani Nighthawk (rough collie) Wicani Whats New Pussy Cat
Wicani Wrenee Dessard
Wicani Opalescence ?
Kimurantti Mimosa Kangasvuokon Oliwer Clingstone’s No Comments Bell Pepper’s Datapen
Sandcastle’s Sweet Valentine
Kangasvuokon Michelle Markylla’s Magic Star Pretender
Goldlady’s Fancy Blue
Kimurantti Lady Fiona Z’Sandcastle Blue Fantazija Sandcastle’s Truth Or Dare
Me Myself Fantazija
Sandcastle’s Eight Wonder Sandcastle’s Zoot Suit
Sandcastle’s Oops I Did It Again