Born: 27.07.1992
Count of puppies: 5 (2 dogs missing in database)

Father: OneWay’s Kerry Drake
Mother: OneWay’s Elvira Rosenknopp
Kennel: OneWay’s
kennel: OneWay’s
Country: Sweden

Dogs from this litter

OneWay’s Guns N’Roses

OneWay’s Guns N’Roses

sable male
Country: Sweden

OneWay’s Roses N’Rings

OneWay’s Roses N’Rings "Pontus"

sable male
Shows & titles
Champion: N Ch
  • Eyes mild CRD (as puppy)
  • HD free
  • ED 0
father of 2 litters
Country: Sweden

OneWay’s Yankee Roses

OneWay’s Yankee Roses

sable male
Country: Sweden


OneWay’s Kerry Drake

OneWay’s Kerry Drake "Svullo"

tricolor male
Died: 2001
(died at age ca. 11 years)
Shows & titles
Show titles: 3x CC
  • Eyes clear (as puppy)
  • HD free
father of 1 litter
father of this litter in age 1 year, 9 months
OneWay’s Elvira Rosenknopp

OneWay’s Elvira Rosenknopp "Knoppen"

sable female
Died: 17.07.2001
(died at age 13 years, 2 months)
Shows & titles
Show titles: 7x CC, BIS-1
  • HD free
mother of 3 litters
mother of this litter in age 4 years, 2 months


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 3.59% AVK 85.48% American lines 0% (5 gen.)
OneWay’s Kerry Drake Crossfell’s The Scoundrel Chicnoir The Rascal from Crossfell Avock’s Blue Geordie (rough collie) Avock’s Johnny Blue (rough collie)
Avock’s Out of The Blue (rough collie)
Chicnoir Black Quink Astrellita Bugsy Malone from Crossfell
Chicnoir Blue Crystal
Chicnoir Fine Romance from Crossfell Chicnoir Midnight Sultan Crossfell’s Sea Tandem
Dancerwood Diamond Lil
Chicnoir Golden Sorrel Chicnoir Golden Rafferty
Chicnoir Golden Rufflette
One Way Ticket Dancerwood Court Jester Treewood Black King Peterblue Nigel
Dancerwood My Solo
Dancerwood Freelance Dancerwood Mighty Grand (rough collie)
Kirkhough’s Funfair
Dormac’s Angel Face Crony’s Copper Crown (rough collie) Sundorne Midnight Flyer Of Johrenda
Crony’s Donna Mantilla
Sunsweet Goodness Girl Talcott Fugitive
Treewood Golden Delight
OneWay’s Elvira Rosenknopp Bermarks Barley Water (rough collie) Brilyn Supertramp (rough collie) Mybern’s Minstrel (rough collie) Aberthorne Arrester (rough collie)
Mybern’s Mistibelle
Brilyn Duchesse Lace (rough collie) Sangreat Sorocco Of Arranbrook
Brilyn Golden Girl
Rifflesea Rare Pearl (rough collie) Aberthorne Arrester (rough collie) Kidlaine Konrad
Kreba Contemplation
Sandiacre Snow Pearl of Rifflesea (rough collie) Sandiacre Softly Softly (rough collie)
Sandiacre String Of Pearls
Picaroon’s Lady Starlight Fairlines Billy The Kid Glennfields Garrison Talcott Fugitive
Treewood Golden Delight
Astrellita Abba Astrellita The Silversmith
Dancerwood Bewitched of Astrellita
OneWay’s Ginger Ale Fairlines Billy The Kid Glennfields Garrison
Astrellita Abba
One Way Ticket Dancerwood Court Jester
Dormac’s Angel Face