Expected litter

Expected: end of June 2024
Possible colours: tricolor, blue-merle
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Father: Silverlady’s Like A Dream (rough collie)
Mother: Diamondfox Command To Be Sweet
Kennel: Diamondfox
kennel: Diamondfox
Country: Finland


Silverlady’s Like A Dream

Silverlady’s Like A Dream

tricolor male
Shows & titles
Champion: FI Ch, EE Ch, LT JCh
Other show titles: BALTJW-20
  • Eyes CRD (30.07.2019)
  • Eyes CRD (18.07.2020)
  • HD A/A
  • ED 0/0
father of 1 litter
Diamondfox Command To Be Sweet

Diamondfox Command To Be Sweet

blue-merle female
Reg. nr.: FI48344/20
Shows & titles
Show titles: CQ, Best Female 3
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  • Eyes clear (7 weeks - 22.10.2020)
  • Eyes clear (1 year, 8 months - 16.05.2022)
  • HD B/A
  • ED 0/0
  • Back VA0, LTV1
  • MyDogDNA-genetests
rough factor


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 0% AVK 96.67% American lines 12.5% (4 gen.)
Silverlady’s Like A Dream (rough collie) Heidelinds Gone With The Wind (rough collie) Corydon The Ringleader (rough collie) Corydon The Persuader
Corydon La Donnarita
Zenana For Heidelind Fantazija (rough collie) Nyitramenti Zinedine Zidane
Just A Lady Fantazija
Skabona Knockin’On Heaven’s Door (rough collie) Chelborn Kiss’n Tell (rough collie) Samhaven Time Will Tell
Brilyn Silver Serenade To Chelborn
Impressive Lady Fantazija (rough collie) Impressive Blue Fantazija
Just A Lady Fantazija
Diamondfox Command To Be Sweet Wicani Command Performance (rough collie) Van-M Good Fellow at Wicani (rough collie) Van-M Good Samaritan
Van-M Free Lunch
Wicani Wicked Indulgence (rough collie) Wicani Nighthawk (rough collie)
Wicani Opalescence
Kimurantti Mimosa Kangasvuokon Oliwer Clingstone’s No Comments
Kangasvuokon Michelle
Kimurantti Lady Fiona Z’Sandcastle Blue Fantazija
Sandcastle’s Eight Wonder