Planned litter

Planned: spring 2022
Possible colours: sable
(contact breeder if you want book a puppy)

Father: Mr X
Mother: X-tra Desired Victoria av Thara
Kennel: Av Thara
kennel: Av Thara
Country: Norway


Mr X
(under consideration)
X-tra Desired Victoria av Thara

X-tra Desired Victoria av Thara

sable female
  • Eyes mild CRD (as puppy)
  • Eyes mild CRD (as adult)
  • HD A/B
  • ED 0/0


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 0% AVK 100% American lines 37.5% (4 gen. - incompl.)
? ? ? ?
? ?
? ? ?
? ?
X-tra Desired Victoria av Thara Kerhaven’s The X Factor Milas Dancing Solo (rough collie) Milas Latin Fever (rough collie)
Milas Dancing With The Stars (rough collie)
Kerhaven’s All That I Am Tamaron’s The Real Deal
Glasgowhill’s Follow That Dream (rough collie)
Jack Mack’s X-Dream Aosta Jetstream You R My Sonshine Jetstream Rainmaker Blues
Jetstream Touched By An Angel
Jack Mack’s Luacmar Leanaban Honey Melon Hartley Henry
Foxearth Moonlit Fantasy