Born: 30.11.2015
Count of puppies: 1 (all dogs in database)

Father: Clingstone’s No Doubt
Mother: Toonian Summer Song
Kennel: Toonian
kennel: Toonian
Country: Croatia

Dogs from this litter

Toonian Wind Waker

Toonian Wind Waker "Gunvald"

sable male
Died: 28.10.2020 - put to sleep - heart failure
(died at age 4 years, 10 months)
Reg. nr.: SE19702/2016
Shows & titles
Champion: IntCh, NORD Ch, EST Ch, LV Ch, FIN Ch, DK Ch, N Ch, LT Ch
Other show titles: NORDW-18, KBHW-19, 14x CC, 10x CACIB, 1x R.CACIB, 10x BOS, 9x BOB
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Obedience: RLDN, compate in rally obediences and obedience
  • Eyes clear (13 weeks - 03.03.2016)
  • Eyes clear (4 years - 02.12.2019)
  • HD A
Korning (new) +280
MH description done (secure to shots)
kennel: Gracefield’s
Country: Sweden


Clingstone’s No Doubt

Clingstone’s No Doubt "Penti"

sable male
Reg. nr.: FIN26266/07
Shows & titles
Champion: IntCh, N Ch, DK Ch, LT Ch, LV Ch, EST Ch, NL Ch, HR Ch
Other show titles: WW-10, WW-11, EuW-11, ESTW-08, ESTJW-08, NW-08, NW-09, NW-10, NW-11, AMSTW-09, NORDW-09, NORDW-11, W-10, FCI Century Show Champion, BW-10, KBHW-10, Winner of BOB at Main Collie Club show in Sweden, SEW-10, SEW-15, SEVW-15, NVW-15, NW-15, EuVW-15, NORDVW-15, BOB at SCCGB show in 2008, 100x BOB, 30x BOS, 58x CC, 70x CACIB
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  • Eyes clear (7 weeks - 03.05.2007)
  • Eyes clear (4 years, 7 months - 17.10.2011)
  • HD A
  • ED 0
Testicles: OK
father of 4 litters
father of this litter in age 8 years, 8 months
Toonian Summer Song

Toonian Summer Song "Tani"

tricolor female
Reg. nr.: HR 10004
Shows & titles
Champion: HR Ch, HR VetCh
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  • HD A
  • CEA non-carrier
  • MDR1 +/-
  • DM N/N
mother of 4 litters
mother of this litter in age 2 years, 4 months