Born: ?
Count of puppies: ?

Father: Braemar’s What’s His Face
Mother: Chan-El What’s Up At Braemer
Kennel: Braemar’s
kennel: Braemar’s
Country: Canada

Dogs from this litter

Braemar’s Cardross What’s A Foot

Braemar’s Cardross What’s A Foot

tricolor male
father of 2 litters
kennel: Cardross
Country: Canada


Braemar’s What’s His Face

Braemar’s What’s His Face "Wayne"

tricolor male
Died: 05.10.1998
(died at age 11 years)
Shows & titles
Champion: USA Ch, CAN Ch
  • Eyes clear (8 years)
  • HD B/B
father of 5 litters
no photo

Chan-El What’s Up At Braemer

mother of 1 litter


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 0% AVK 85.71% American lines 100% (4 gen. - incompl.)
Braemar’s What’s His Face Cherrison Dreams Of Kings Nostalgix Paradox Lost Hanover’s I Am Legend
Nostalgix The Changeling
LizDon’s Amber Girl ?
Braemar’s Beach Blanket Bingo Cherrison Legacy At Braemar Cherrison Dreams Of Kings
Cherrison Five Alarm Fire
Braemar’s Get Down And Boogie Cherrison Dreams Of Kings
Macushla’s La Belle Flame
Chan-El What’s Up At Braemer ? ? ?
? ?
? ? ?
? ?