Born: 30.03.1927
Count of puppies: ?

Father: Saltaire Silvo
Mother: Saltaire Selete
Kennel: Saltaire
kennel: Saltaire
Country: United Kingdom

Dogs from this litter

Saltaire Selva

Saltaire Selva

tricolor female
Shows & titles
Champion: GB Ch
mother of 1 litter
kennel: Saltaire
Country: United Kingdom


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Saltaire Silvo

blue-merle male
father of 1 litter
father of this litter in age 1 year, 2 months
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Saltaire Selete

mother of 1 litter


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 1.61% AVK 95% American lines 0% (4 gen. - incompl.)
Saltaire Silvo Royton Blue Boy Blue Blend Stanley Example
Merle Queen
Copster Ella Weardale Leader
Primley Placid
Saltaire Serene ? ?
? ?
Saltaire Selete Mountshannon Blue Splendour (rough collie) Mountshannon Silver Cloud (rough collie) ?
Mountshannon Rosaleen (rough collie) ?
Laund Lenglen Fellman Blue Blend
Pelton Madge
Laund Linnet Hetman
Primley Primula