Born: 25.07.1972
Count of puppies: ?

Father: Smooth Syndicate
Mother: Chan-El Sleek Tempest O’Jagwyn
Kennel: Kelbonnie
Country: Canada

Dogs from this litter

Kelbonnie Chan El Gina

Kelbonnie Chan El Gina

blue-merle female
mother of 1 litter
kennel: Hilltarn
Country: United Kingdom


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Smooth Syndicate

tricolor male
Shows & titles
Champion: USA Ch
father of 2 litters
father of this litter in age 1 year, 4 months
Chan-El Sleek Tempest O’Jagwyn

Chan-El Sleek Tempest O’Jagwyn

blue-merle female
Shows & titles
Champion: USA Ch
mother of 1 litter


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 6.25% AVK 88.46% American lines 100% (4 gen. - incompl.)
Smooth Syndicate Dorelaine Smooth Domino Black Hawk of Kasan High Man Of Arrowhill (rough collie)
Kasan’s Fine And Fancy
Dorelaine Star Miss Dorelaine Tar Boy
Dorelaine Miss Star
Mt.Pleasant Blue Thai Sky Siljan Ramblin Sam ?
Mt.Pleasant Siljan Sly Blue ?
Chan-El Sleek Tempest O’Jagwyn Black Hawk of Kasan High Man Of Arrowhill (rough collie) Arrowhill Ace High
Arrowhill Janie of Crag Crest
Kasan’s Fine And Fancy The Boogie Man of Drelms (rough collie)
Mal Bonn Blue Sapphire
Cul Mor’s Birken Shaw Cul Mor’s Loch Ness Beastie Cul Mor’s Dunaegan of Ebonwood
Shallimar Yadanac (rough collie)
Cul Mor’s Sophie Western Cul Mor’s Kilcullen O’Ebonwood
Pebble Ledge Noire of Cul Mor