Litter E - Early Mornings

Born: 27.01.1999
Name of litter: E
Count of puppies: 3 (all dogs in database)

Father: Early Mornings Canis Minor
Mother: Folias Zilke
Kennel: Early Mornings
kennel: Early Mornings
Country: Sweden

Dogs from this litter

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Early Mornings Efterlängtade Effi "Trixie"

tricolor female
  • Eyes clear (as puppy)
  • HD free
Country: Sweden

Early Mornings Eleganta Ellen

Early Mornings Eleganta Ellen "Ellen"

sable female
  • Eyes clear (as puppy)
  • Eyes clear (5 years)
  • HD A
  • ED free
mother of 1 litter
Country: Sweden

Early Mornings Envisa Elvira

Early Mornings Envisa Elvira "Vira"

tricolor male
Shows & titles
Titles: KORAD
  • Eyes mild CRD (as puppy)
  • HD A
Korning (old) +118
Country: Sweden


Early Mornings Canis Minor

Early Mornings Canis Minor "Minor"

sable male
Shows & titles
Show titles: CC
  • Eyes clear (as puppy)
  • HD free
MH description done
father of 4 litters
father of this litter in age 6 years, 6 months
Folias Zilke

Folias Zilke "Sickan"

tricolor female
Died: 02.02.2009
(died at age 12 years, 3 months)
Shows & titles
Champion: S Ch
Other titles: KORAD
Other: TJH
  • Eyes clear (as puppy)
  • HD free
mother of 2 litters
mother of this litter in age 2 years, 3 months


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 0.78% AVK 96.67% American lines 0% (4 gen.)
Early Mornings Canis Minor Crazy Ruben The Smooth of Torrosly Sunsweet Love Me Tender Foxearth Jubilation
Glennfields Gordiet Girl
Yanka Starpark’s Smooth King
Sunsweet Forever Loving
Early Mornings Ally Morris Sambitos Jarry Lynnfield Chekasay Kid (rough collie)
Sambitos Daffy
Lassina Looking For Gold Lassina Lovely Boy (rough collie)
Cabare’s Chanel of Lassina
Folias Zilke Almond’s Hardworking Hero Clearmount Turn Me Loose Foxearth Jubilation
Glennfields Grandessa
Follow Night Lady At Almond Follow Followfame
Hillringens Tri to Follow
Folias Zhira (rough collie) Speedlines Black Pepper (rough collie) Speedlines No-Nonsence
Marble’s Hazy-Blue
Surfing’s Safari Snow Chrystal (rough collie) Surfing’s Safari Chess
Surfing’s Inside Information