Albannach Duc

Albannach Duc
Sex: male
Colour: tricolor
Born: 28.02.2022
  • Eyes CEA free (7 weeks)
  • CEA carrier (Genefast)
  • MDR1 -/- (Genefast)
  • DM N/DM (Genefast)
Kennel: Albannach
kennel: Albannach
Country: Italy


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 0.39% AVK 96.77% American lines 0% (5 gen.)
Mighty’s Spring Meadow Tier Thurle Cinnaberry’s All Or Nut-ting Clingstone’s Pillow Talk Calibra’s Good Citizen OneWay’s Gold Rush
Calibra’s Deja Vú
Clingstone’s Gossip Girl Foxearth High Frequency
Clingstone’s Needless To Say
Cinnaberry’s My Lucky Day Timonan Uncle Unison Jack Mack’s Kannfadhna
Timonan Neat Nefertiti
Cinnaberry’s Working On A Dream Dandinas True Swinger
Cinnaberry’s Hungry Heart
Mighty’s Spring Meadow Oya Oilell Mighty’s Spring Meadow Io Ilario Zenith of Fame Fantazija Sandcastle’s Truth Or Dare
Me Myself Fantazija
Shulune Imperial Signature Moon Walker from Misstoff
Shulune Lady of Lorien
Mighty’s Spring Meadow Linn Lowri Unique’s Diamond Super Bowl Clingstone’s No Comments
Selbit Shennon
Mighty’s Spring Meadow Hope of Nadine Sandcastle’s King Of The Swing
Mighty’s Spring Meadow Aster Move
Patil Parvati du Clos des Duchesses Omar Smooth Ko-To-Ra Loriseum Arroyo Sandcastle’s Oliwer Hardy Baubon’s Oklahoma Oliwer
Sandcastle’s Naked Truth
Timonan Noriann Noelani Honey Melon Hartley Henry
Timonan Kimmy Kidilee
My Smooth Girl Ko-To-Ra Royal Black Smooth Kontrgalop Honk vom Ihlpol
Freedom vom Ihlpol
Cindy Krásná Louka Enrico vom Ihlpol
Poulsgaards Born To Be Wild
Nothing-Else-Matters du Clos des Duchesses Getro Gibbs du Clos Des Duchesses Cole Graco du Vent des Moissons Jack Mack’s Fellow Felix
Foxearth Frosted Image
Veni Vedi Vici du Clos des Duchesses Foxearth High Falutin
Dandinas Graceful Gift
Timonan Dame Does Daydream Shulune Imperial Ex-Man Foxearth High Frequency
Shulune Lady of Lorien
Timonan Yasmina Yardeen Lifedream Missionary Man
Timonan Qiana Qinnie
Virtual pedigree with female: