Foxbell Fashion Temptress        "Tonya"

Foxbell Fashion Temptress
Sex: female
Colour: blue-merle
Born: 28.09.2012
Shows & titles
Champion: AUST Ch, AUST NeuterCh
Obedience: CCD (Community Companion Dog), RN (Rally Novice)
Herding: HSAs (Herding Started A course - sheep)
Kennel: Foxbell
kennel: Foxbell
Country: Australia
kennel: Orthanc
Country: Australia


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 0% AVK 100% American lines 0% (4 gen. - incompl.)
Kirrielock Doctor Love ? ? ?
? ?
? ? ?
? ?
Foxbell Fashion Plate Bell Pepper’s Gate Keeper Bell Pepper’s Datapen Calibra’s Black Bogieman
Greengrove Venice Showgirl
Ecstasy Krásná Louka Being a Dream Alkami
Celine vom Ihlpol
Foxbell Fair Lady Carluke Rise Tthoccasion (rough collie) Sunnyhurst Silk Touch (rough collie)
Carluke Champagne Blush (rough collie)
Glenrere Lady of the Myst Carluke Peepon Thesly
Fancy Blue at Glenrere
Virtual pedigree with male: