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Date Show Judge Class Result
12.08.2023 Speciality Show Virrat (FI) Mike Vincent (UK), Kevin Young (UK) Intermediate Very Good 2
10.06.2023 CACIB Riga (LV) Christian Stavarache (RO) Intermediate Excellent 1, CQ, Best Male 3
16.04.2023 Tallinn Winner Tallinn (EE) Anna Jaśkiewicz (PL) Junior Excellent 1, CQ, Best Male 1, BOS Junior, BOS
15.01.2023 National Show Pärnu (EE) Helen Tonkson-Koit (EE) Junior Excellent 1, CQ, CACJ, BOB Junior, Best Male 1, BOB
14.01.2023 National Show Pärnu (EE) Dina Korna (EE) Junior Excellent 1, CQ, JCAC, BOS Junior, Best Male 1, BOS
08.01.2023 National Show Tartu (EE) Inese Pablaka (LV) Junior Excellent 1, CQ, JCAC, BOBJ, Best Male 1, BOB
07.01.2023 National Show Tartu (EE) Goran Dojcinoski (MK) Junior Excellent 1, CQ, JCAC, BOSJ, Best Male 1, BOS
04.12.2022 Finnish Winner Helsinki (FI) Esa Ruotsalainen (FI) Junior Excellent 2, CQ, JUN-CAC
03.12.2022 Nordic Winner Helsinki (FI) Maret Halinen (US) Junior Very Good 2
02.12.2022 Helsinki Winner Helsinki (FI) Asta Leifsdottir Thorbjorg (IS) Junior Excellent 1, CQ, CAC, JUN-CAC, HeJW-22, BOB Junior
23.10.2022 CACIB Tallinn (EE) Vincent O’Brien (IE) Junior Excellent 1
22.10.2022 CACIB Tallinn (EE) Simon Rooney (IE) Junior Very Good
25.09.2022 CACIB Tallinn (EE) Lidija Okleščen (SI) Junior Excellent 2
24.09.2022 CACIB Tallinn (EE) Joanna Adamowska (PL) Junior Very Good
28.08.2022 Speciality Show Vantaa (FI) Trevor Hayward (UK), Derek Smith (UK) Puppy 1