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Older puppies and adult dogs for sale

Aribert von Pommern-Wolgast - sable male

Ates Smooth of Drystream - sable male

Collected Memories California Dream - sable female

Fech Fech du Finfond - sable male

Ftizen Tizen du Finfond - sable male

Owen Lars Leneli - sable male

Svagni Lankesha - sable male

SweetCaileanz Blazing Leader - sable male

Unique’s Diamond Mack Lobell - sable male

Unique’s Diamond Muscle Mass - sable female

Born puppies

Van Renvickshof, BE
15.10.2018 - 1 sable male, 1 tricolor male, 2 sable females, 4 tricolor females
Kalalassie’s forty-six golden hugs x Born to be Zuki of Dawn Harbour

Foxden, CZ
01.10.2018 - 7 pupppies (sable, tricolor)
Cinnaberry’s All Or Nut-ting x Grácie Leneli

Leroxy, CZ
03.10.2018 - 6 sable males, 2 tricolor males, 2 tricolor females
Natalain Diamond of Bila Kaifa x Calamita z Pohádkové Vysočiny

Martheline, CZ
15.10.2018 - 3 sable males, 1 tricolor male, 3 sable females
Clingstone’s Make The Point x Argentína Like a wind

Od Telče, CZ
14.09.2018 - 3 sable males,1 tricolor male, 3 sable females, 2 tricolor females
Google of Bohemia Balada x Amy Od Telče

Von dem Eisvogel, DE
10.11.2018 - 5 sable males, 1 tricolor male, 2 sable females
Turella’s Every Time With You x Lady Victoria von dem Eisvogel

Casabocci, IT
02.11.2018 - 1 sable male, 1 tricolor male, 2 sable females, 1 tricolor female
Black Elles Italian Magic x Pandora di Casabocci

Shulune, UK
28.10.2018 - 1 sable male, 1 tricolor male, 2 tricolor females
Sturtmoor Dream Of Kasvelyn x Shulune Imperial Storm

Expected litters

Jakty od Mo-Ra-Kri, CZ
December 2018 - sable, tricolor
Valley Krásná Louka x Arte Ala Rozmarýna

Simibel, CZ
January 2019 - sable, tricolor
Google of Bohemia Balada x Bellissima Like a wind

Faithful Bravehearts, DE
November 2018 - sable, tricolor
Chicago Bila Kaífa x Adele from the Sun of China

Van Shaka’s Royal Kraal, NL
December 2018 - sable, tricolor
Tinker van Shaka’s Royal Kraal x Encore’s American Dream

Perfect Image, NO
September 2018 - sable, tricolor
Love Me Like You Do Du Clos des Duchesses x Perfect Image Bells And Whistles

Torrosly, NO
January 2019 - sable, tricolor
The Royal Krásná Louka x Torrosly’s Boogie Dancer

Planned litters

Dragonrose, AT
August 2018 - sable, tricolor
Mighty’s Spring Meadow Mose Moesen x Dragonrose Big Bang Penny

Silver Serenity’s, CH
summer/autumn 2018 - sable, tricolor?
Mr X x Silver Serenity’s Leska

Bila Kaífa, CZ
spring 2018 - sable, tricolor?
Mr X x Andora Smart Beauty

Smart Beauty, CZ
begin of 2019 - sable, tricolor?
Acorus Wide Park x Chanel of Bohemia Balada

Angel’s from Cottage Mountain, DE
winter 2018/2019 - sable, tricolor?
Mr X x Essence of life vom Feueropal

black riding Hood, DE
autumn 2018 - sable, tricolor
Natalain Keystone x Unique’s Diamond Maven

From the Sun of China, DE
winter 2018/2019 - sable
Buddy Holly from the Sun of China x Jack Mack’s niamh niav

Highland Hero, DE
summer/autumn 2018 - sable, tricolor
Mr X x Turella’s Endless Love

Kurai’s little Secret, DE
autumn 2018 - sable, tricolor
The Fairy Flag’s Clotted Cream Fudge x Turella’s Pauline

Legend of Camelot’s, DE
late summer/autumn 2019 - sable, tricolor
Bonté coeur Lago Benea x Legend of Camelot’s Must Be Love

Cinnaberry’s, FI
2019 - sable, tricolor?
Turella’s Jack Pot x Cinnaberry’s Tangerine

Kangasvuokon, FI
summer 2018 - sable, tricolor
Sandcastle’s Save The King x Kangasvuokon Karamelli

Taygem, FI
spring 2019 - sable, tricolor
Turella’s Jack Pot x Kiiramanna This Is True Madam

From Hobbitshome, NL
spring 2019 - sable, tricolor
Kalalassie’s forty-six golden hugs x Lily Brandybuck from Hobbitshome

Mabinogion, NL
end of 2018 - sable, tricolor
Asa Nanica Amazing Amadeus x Mabinogion Elements of Fire

Solar Style, RU
summer/autumn 2018 - sable, tricolor?
Mr X x Clingstone’s Forecasted

Mighty’s Spring Meadow, SK
spring 2019 - sable, tricolor
Aristokrat Bez hranic x Mighty’s Spring Meadow Linn Lowri

Breckamore, UK
May 2018 - sable, tricolor
Foxearth Fashion Guru for Koczkodan x Breckamore Blossom