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W - first letter of name

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    Walanos Harley Davidson
    Walanos Harrison Ford
    Walanos Huckleberry Finn
    Walensian Madonna
    Walensian Maestro
    Walensian Magister
    Walensian Maitre
    Walensian Monsieur
    Walensian Mylord
    Walko vom Ihlpol
    Wanja van Midden Aarde
    Wardo vom Ihlpol
    Warren Buffett s Volozhki
    Watcher Night of Irish Home
    Waterloo Short Blue of Irish Home
    Watkens Glenn van Linda’s Hoeve
    Watzi vom Ihlpol
    Watzmann vom Ihlpol
    Wayka vom Ihlpol
    We Will Rock You van Shaka’s Royal Kraal
    Weekly Blue of Irish Home
    Wenda vom Ihlpol
    Wender van Midden Aarde
    Wendy Krásná Louka
    Wendy Night of Irish Home
    Wenta vom Ihlpol
    Wesanya Daring Hope
    Wesanya Devon Maid
    Wesanya Golden Vision at Llevol
    Wesanya Roughly Smooth
    Wesanya Watchman
    Wesanya Watchword
    Wesanya Wintersong
    Wesayso Advertising Space
    Wesayso Black Buffalo Woman
    Wesayso Blue Ice Dancer
    Wesayso Galliano Mist
    Wesayso Gin Fizz
    Wesayso I Want It That Way
    Wesayso Jewel In The Night
    Wesayso King of Bloke and Bird
    Wesayso Lucky Number Seven
    Wesayso Make Me Pure
    Wesayso Mission Impossible
    Wesayso My Sweetest Taboo Tara
    Wesayso Pina Colada
    Wesayso Random Acts of Kindness
    Wesayso Second Ballroom Dancer
    Wesayso Second Special Edition
    Wesayso Second Spirit Of Th’Nite
    Wesayso Second Symphony
    Wesayso Second Time Is Better
    Wesayso Second Touch of Hawk
    Wesayso Sin Sin Sin
    Wesayso Spread Your Wings
    Wesayso Tripping
    Wesayso Trouble With Me
    West Krásná Louka
    Westbridge Adora
    Westbridge American Love
    Westbridge American Way
    Westbridge Black N Blue
    Westbridge Bluband
    Westbridge Bluberry
    Westbridge Blue By You
    Westbridge Blue Domino at Frendet
    Westbridge Blue Fantasy by Frendet
    Westbridge Blue Field
    Westbridge Blue Manokey
    Westbridge Blue Seduction
    Westbridge Blue Tattoo
    Westbridge Blue Yarn
    Westbridge Boogerloo
    Westbridge China Blue
    Westbridge Colour Me Black for Cownbred
    Westbridge Colour Me Blue
    Westbridge Colour Me Silver at Darsign
    Westbridge Colour My World
    Westbridge Colour of Love
    Westbridge Colour The World
    Westbridge Dark Obsession
    Westbridge Darker Love
    Westbridge Gofannon
    Westbridge Golden Dragon
    Westbridge Golden Storm
    Westbridge Gossip Girl
    Westbridge Gun Smoke
    Westbridge Ionia Sea
    Westbridge Iron Smith
    Westbridge Jump To The Beat
    Westbridge Keepsake
    Westbridge Love Me Blue
    Westbridge Love Spy
    Westbridge Love Storm
    Westbridge Mist In The Wind
    Westbridge Mooncloud
    Westbridge Mr Fantastic by Frendet
    Westbridge Munsoon Summer
    Westbridge Oca
    Westbridge On The Dark Side
    Westbridge Out Of The Blue
    Westbridge Peter Pan
    Westbridge Sea Biscuit
    Westbridge Sea Storm
    Westbridge Seaoca
    Westbridge Secreat Love
    Westbridge Silver Vintage
    Westbridge Smash N Grab
    Westbridge Smooth Sailing
    Westbridge Son Of A Gun
    Westbridge Steel Your Heart
    Westbridge Storm In A Teacup
    Westbridge Summer Mist
    Westbridge Tappy
    Westbridge Temple Dragon
    Westbridge Whos Fooling Who
    Westbridge Wild Mink
    Westbridge Witch Hunt
    Westcarrs Blue Dory
    Westic Early Strike
    Whashishi’s Alisha
    Whashishi’s Alison
    Whashishi’s Ashley
    Whashishi’s Audrey
    Whashishi’s Baby Blue
    Whashishi’s Beauty
    Whashishi’s Belladonna
    Whashishi’s Black Shadow
    Whashishi’s Buran
    Whashishi’s Cara
    Whashishi’s Chinook
    Whashishi’s Cleo
    Whashishi’s Cochita
    Whashishi’s Dakota
    Whashishi’s Dancing Cloud
    Whashishi’s Desperado
    Whashishi’s Dine
    Whashishi’s Donna
    Whashishi’s Dreamcatcher
    Whashishi’s Dshibaro
    Whashishi’s Easy
    Whashishi’s Eliza
    Whashishi’s Erie India
    Whashishi’s Farouk
    Whashishi’s Fjurdy-Flora
    Whashishi’s Flotte Lotte
    Whashishi’s Fran Fine
    Whashishi’s Funny-Girl
    Whashishi’s Gideon
    Whashishi’s Gina
    Whashishi’s Ginala
    Whashishi’s Ginger
    Whashishi’s Gipsy
    Whashishi’s Grace
    Whashishi’s Greta
    Whindale Dark Knight
    Whinny Blue of Irish Home
    Whisky Krásná Louka
    Whistleblower Team
    Wifi Krásná Louka
    Wigglesnap May Madness
    Wigglesnap May Maestro
    Wigglesnap May Majesty
    Wigglesnap May Melody
    Wigmakers Abstract Idea to Follow
    Wigmakers Accessed Structure
    Wikke van Midden Aarde
    Wild At Hardt Charybdis Cobalt
    Wild At Hardt Loreley Lilac
    Wild At Hardt Medea Mauve
    Wild At Hardt Medusa Mauve Microbe
    Wild At Hardt Scylla Skyblue
    Wild Wind On A Winter Night
    Wild Wind’s Back In Black
    Wild Wind’s Free Fallin
    Wild Wind’s Illusion’N Dream
    Wild Wind’s Just One Look
    Wild Wind’s Just Push Play
    Wild Wind’s Magic Carpet Ride
    Wild Wind’s Naughty by Nature
    Wild Wind’s Stardust
    Wildrunner’s Circle of Life
    Wildrunner’s Colours of The Wind
    Wildrunner’s Following The Leader
    Wildrunner’s On My Way
    Wildrunner’s Shooting Star
    Wilka vom Ihlpol
    Will Witfoot from Hobbitshome
    Willem van Midden Aarde
    Willershäuser’s Agatha
    Willershäuser’s Angus
    Willershäuser’s Arthea
    Willershäuser’s Arwen
    Willershäuser’s Ava
    Willowby C’est La Vie
    Willowby Me And Myself
    Willowby More Than Most
    Willowby Neat’N Nice
    Willowby Needles’N Pins
    Willowby News’N Rumors
    Willowby Nosy’n Rosy
    Willowby Nuts’N Bolts
    Willowby She’s The One
    Willowby Sincerely Yours
    Willowby Solid Gold
    Willowby Special Delivery
    Willowby Special Design
    Willowby Stormwarning
    Willowby Sweet As A Nut
    Willowby Sweet’ N Special
    Willowhurst Da Vinci
    Willowhurst Destiny
    Willowhurst Hi I’m Martha
    Willowhurst Landseer
    Willowhurst Mona Lisa
    Willowhurst Paris
    Willowhurst Picasso
    Willowhurst Valerio
    Willowhurst Vanity
    Willowhurst Venus
    Willowhurst Verona at Breckamore
    Willowhurst Versace at Foxearth
    Willowhurst Vienna
    Willowhurst Viscount
    Willowhurst Vivaldi
    Wilson vom Ihlpol
    Wind Krásná Louka
    Windolf vom Ihlpol
    Windstorm of Netiv HaAyit
    Windswept Height’s After The Dawn
    Windswept Height’s After The Rain
    Windswept Height’s After The Storm
    Windswept Height’s Apple Blossom
    Windswept Height’s Archer Boy
    Windswept Height’s Arctic Blue
    Windswept Height’s Awesome Looks
    Windswept Height’s Awesome Magic
    Windswept Height’s Baby Jane
    Windswept Height’s Bandit Boy
    Windswept Height’s Betty Boo
    Windswept Height’s Billy The Kid
    Windswept Height’s Brave Heart
    Windswept Height’s Buffalo Bill
    Windswept Height’s Cassiopeia
    Windswept Height’s Charmed One
    Windswept Height’s Childs Play
    Windswept Height’s Cyber Space
    Windswept Height’s Dashing Daisy
    Windswept Height’s EenyMeenyMinyMoe
    Windswept Height’s Elvis Is Back
    Windswept Height’s Emerald Emily
    Windswept Height’s Endless Love
    Windswept Height’s Endless Summer
    Windswept Height’s Ex Lover
    Windswept Height’s Extra Spicy
    Windswept Height’s Extraordinary
    Windswept Height’s Faith No More
    Windswept Height’s Falling Angel
    Windswept Height’s False Alarm
    Windswept Height’s Federal Agent
    Windswept Height’s Firecracker
    Windswept Height’s Foo Fighters
    Windswept Height’s Ford Fairlane
    Windswept Height’s Forget Me Not
    Windswept Height’s Funky Star
    Windswept Height’s Gary Grandy
    Windswept Height’s Gentle Rain
    Windswept Height’s Girl Power
    Windswept Height’s Gone With The Wind
    Windswept Height’s Got To Love U
    Windswept Height’s Guardian Angel
    Windswept Height’s Guess Twice
    Windswept Height’s Han Solo
    Windswept Height’s Hannah Montana
    Windswept Height’s He-Man
    Windswept Height’s Heartbeat
    Windswept Height’s Hero’s Return
    Windswept Height’s Highlander
    Windswept Height’s Immortal Beloved
    Windswept Height’s Imperium Strikes Back
    Windswept Height’s It’s Show Time
    Windswept Height’s I’m A Dreamer
    Windswept Height’s I’m All Yours
    Windswept Height’s I’m Worth It
    Windswept Height’s Just Kidding
    Windswept Height’s Just Like That
    Windswept Height’s Keeping Up Appearances
    Windswept Height’s Key To My Heart
    Windswept Height’s Key To My Soul
    Windswept Height’s Kind Of Magic
    Windswept Height’s King Of Soul
    Windswept Height’s Kiss Me Quick
    Windswept Height’s Knocking On Heaven’s Door
    Windswept Height’s Knowing Me Knowing You
    Windswept Height’s Mc Dreamy
    Windswept Height’s Sweet Selina
    Windswept Height’s Tango Prinsess
    Wingbelle Blue Gem
    Wingbelle Lian
    Wingbelle Lucy
    Wingbelle Lyn
    Wingbelle Precious Pearl
    Wingbelle Topaz
    Winke van Midden Aarde
    Winky Krásná Louka
    Winner Krásná Louka
    Winnie van Midden Aarde
    Winnie vom Ihlpol
    Winter is Coming To Tentola
    Wiru Dunkara Magic
    Wiru Let It Ride
    Wiru Undressed For Success
    Wish of Netiv HaAyit
    Wiskey Night of Irish Home
    Wolf Manor Honest Pleasure
    Wolfox Miss Blandish
    Wolfox Miss Otis
    Wolfox Sabreflash
    Wonder vom Ihlpol
    Woodlyn Harlequin Serenade of Anrose
    Woodlyn Remona of Kymeric
    Woody Krásná Louka
    Worthy Short Night of Irish Home
    Wotan vom Ihlpol
    Wullum v ’t Lissenvoort
    Wury van Midden Aarde
    Wychelms Blue Madeline
    Wychelms Faithful
    Wychelms Silver Maid
    Wyndlair Oak Island Treasure
    Wynele Alice Blue Gown with Breckamore
    Wynele Back To Black
    Wynele Back To The Future
    Wynele Blue Jeans
    Wynele Blue Mist
    Wynele Finishing Touch
    Wynele Going For Gold for Shepsbay
    Wynele Golden Delight
    Wynele Golden Prospect
    Wynele Golden Sunrise
    Wynele Golden Ticket
    Wynele Good as Gold
    Wynele Maid In England
    Wynele Midnight Classic
    Wynele Party Politics
    Wynele Rare Gold
    Wynele Royal Admiral
    Wynele Sea Captain Garthfield
    Wynele Shades of Gold
    Wynele Vaguely Blue
    Wythenshawe Watchful
    Wythenshawe Wattatrreasure
    Wythenshawe Whimple
    Wythenshawe Whin
    Wythenshawe Wildflower
    Wythenshawe Wimpey
    Wythenshawe Windhover
    Wythenshawe Windrush
    Wythenshawe Winkie
    Wythenshawe Woodcut
    Wythenshawe Woodnymph
    Wythenshawe Woodsmoke
    Wythenshawe Woodsprite