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Date Show Judge Class Result
05.12.2015 CACIB Wels (AT) Lidija Okleščen (SI) Veteran Excellent 1, Veteransieger, BOS
22.11.2015 CACIB Genève (CH) Hans Ulrich Häberli (CH) Veteran Excellent 1, CAC
21.11.2015 CACIB Genève (CH) Claude Lindegger (CH) Veteran Excellent 1, CAC
27.09.2015 Bundessieger Tulln (AT) Guy Jeavons (CA) Veteran Excellent 1, Bundesveteransieger, BOB
26.09.2015 CACIB Tulln (AT) Mark McMillan (CA) Veteran Excellent 1, Veteransieger, BOB
08.12.2012 CACIB Wels (AT) Birgitte Schjöth (DK) Champion Excellent 1, CACA, R.CACIB
25.09.2011 CACIB Tulln (AT) Ann Indergaard (NO) Champion Very Good 1
24.09.2011 Club Show Tulln (AT) Edy Dijkstra-Blum (US) Champion Excellent 1, CACA
14.08.2011 CACIB Innsbruck (AT) Hans Ulrich Häberli (CH) Open Excellent 1, CACA, R.CACIB
13.08.2011 CACIB Innsbruck (AT) Sontje Peplow-Garding (DE) Open Excellent 1, CACA, CACIB
04.06.2011 Smooth Collie Specialty Giessen-Linden (DE) Penny Evans (UK) Champion Excellent 3
22.05.2011 CACIB Salzburg (AT) Mark Wibier (DE) Open Excellent 1
24.06.2010 World Dog Show Herning (DK) Rainer Vuorinen (FI) Champion Excellent 4