Born: 19.04.2019
Count of puppies: ?

Father: Glasgowhill Nightstar Crusader
Mother: Glasgowhill TRBL With Tribbles
Kennel: Glasgowhill
kennel: Glasgowhill
Country: Canada

Dogs from this litter

Glasgowhill A Star is Born

Glasgowhill A Star is Born

tricolor female
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  • Eyes clear (1 year - 18.05.2020)
  • HD A
  • CEA non-carrier
  • PRA-rcd2 non-carrier
  • MDR1 +/-
  • DM N/N
  • CN (GCS) non-carrier (by parentage)
  • HUU (SLC) non-carrier
  • M-Locus (Merle) m/m
  • DMS aabbCC
pure for smooth
Country: Germany


Glasgowhill Nightstar Crusader

Glasgowhill Nightstar Crusader "Cruz"

blue-merle male
Shows & titles
Champion: CAN Ch
  • CEA non-carrier
  • PRA-rcd2 non-carrier
  • MDR1 -/-
  • DM N/N
  • CN (GCS) non-carrier
rough factor
father of 1 litter
father of this litter in age 3 years, 5 months
Glasgowhill TRBL With Tribbles

Glasgowhill TRBL With Tribbles "Kate"

sable female
Reg. nr.: CKC DL675566
  • HD OFA Good
  • CEA non-carrier (Paw Print Genetics)
  • PRA-rcd2 non-carrier (Paw Print Genetics)
  • MDR1 +/+ (Paw Print Genetics)
  • DM N/N (Paw Print Genetics)
  • CN (GCS) non-carrier (Paw Print Genetics)
  • HUU (SLC) non-carrier (Paw Print Genetics)
  • VWD2 non-carrier
  • DMS aabb (Optigen)
mother of 1 litter
mother of this litter in age 2 years, 9 months


generations: 4 | 5 | 6
colours in pedigree:
COI 0% AVK 93.33% American lines 100% (4 gen.)
Glasgowhill Nightstar Crusader Nightstar’s I’ll Take That Bet Nightstars Gambler Chavanda Night Star Zeus
Huntingtons Silver Stardust
Special Care Bear Special Velvet Teddy Bear
Special Circle Of Friends
Nightstar’s Blown Away Royal Star’s All Mighty Zeus (rough collie) Superior’s Enterprise
Royal Star’s Cleopetra Rules Tru-Vu
Royal Star’s Queen Grace of Tru Vu Nightstars Gambler
Special Care Bear
Glasgowhill TRBL With Tribbles Nightstar’s Mischief At Glasgowhill (rough collie) Nightstar’s Ice Age Royalstar’s Tru-Vu Obi-Wan Kenobi
Royalstar Victoria’s Secret Tru-Vu
Nightstar’s Christmas Present Fantasy’s Midnight Thunder
Nightstar’s Can’t Ignore Me
Glasgowhill’s Good to Go Milas Dancing Solo (rough collie) Milas Latin Fever (rough collie)
Milas Dancing With The Stars (rough collie)
Dune’s When Dreams Come True Glasgowhill’s Winning Ticket (rough collie)
Dune’s Beyond Dreams