National Show Mäntsälä (FI) 09.07.2022

18 entries
judge: Rob Douma (NL)

Lubin’s Runner-Up
Best of Breed - Lubin’s Runner-Up

Puppy Class - Males (1)

1 - Lubin’s Special Mix photo *10.11.2021, blue-merle
(Merry Moonray’s Mystical Wizard Merlin x Lubin’s French Roulette)
breeder: Åsa Wilkman (FI)      owner: ?

Intermediate Class - Males (1)

Excellent 1 - Jucaides Eykel Eywock photo *25.12.2020, sable
(Sandcastle’s Yes Sir x Hollandia Bila Kaífa)
breeder: Suvi Lehto (FI)      owner: ?

Open Class - Males (2)

Excellent 1 - Scottail Alpha Male photo *04.03.2019, sable
(Clingstone’s Rick Rolled x Clingstone’s All About Eve)
breeder: Suvi & Noora Hirvonen (FI)      owner: Sanna Misukka (FI)
Excellent 2 - Taygem Haresfoot Clover photo *18.05.2020, sable
(Timonan Hyper Has Hotfoot x Dalimattas My Lovely Rose)
breeder: Anni Helminen (FI)      owner: Anni Helminen (FI) + Tiina Heikkinen (FI)

Winner's Class - Males (1)

Excellent 1, CQ, Best Male 1, BOB - Lubin’s Runner-Up photo *27.07.2015, sable
(Timonan Urban Uranus x Lubin’s Lady Fiona)
breeder: Åsa Wilkman (FI)      owner: Tuire Laine (FI)

Junior Class - Females (6)

Excellent 1, CQ, Best Female 1, BOB Junior, BOS - Timonan Nowadays New Nuance photo *02.02.2021, sable
(Black Elles Keepsake of Magic x Timonan Joleen Joys Journey)
breeder: Tuula Tikkanen (FI)      owner: ?
Excellent 2, CQ, Best Female 4 - Jekkupatterin Pampelle Spritz photo *19.04.2021, sable
(Clingstone’s Lap Dog x Texforrier Clingstone What A Feeling)
breeder: Marika Virta (FI)      owner: Marika Virta (FI)
Excellent 3 - Texforrier Roll The Dice photo *27.02.2021, sable
(Windswept Height’s Imperium Strikes Back x Texforrier Clingstone Whoop It Up)
breeder: Molli Nyman (FI)      owner: ?
Excellent 4 - Whiskers Expected Value *01.05.2021, sable
(Turella’s Jack Pot x Whiskers Amazing Grace)
breeder: Inari Wallenius (FI)      owner: Inari Wallenius (FI)
Excellent - Kangasvuokon Miss Florida *06.03.2021, sable
(Hi-Crest Tour to Kangasvuokon x Kangasvuokon Suomi-Neito)
breeder: Piia Enlund (FI) + Mirja Manninen (FI)      owner: Anne Aro ()
Very Good - Leaf-Field’s Voodoo Child photo *22.07.2021, sable
(Dalimattas Born to be All Right x Leaf-Field’s Salisbury)
breeder: Sari Larmu (FI)      owner: ?

Intermediate Class - Females (1)

Excellent 1, CQ - Diamondfox Marshmallow Love photo *10.10.2020, sable
(Clingstone’s Marshmallow Fellow x Diamondfox So Lovely Lily)
breeder: Päivi Iivonen (FI)      owner: Marko Kuivasniemi (FI) + Satu Asikainen (FI)

Open Class - Females (4)

Excellent 1, CQ, CAC - Lubin’s French Roulette photo *28.10.2019, tricolor
(Turella’s Jack Pot x Lubin’s Route Number One)
breeder: Åsa Wilkman (FI)      owner: Åsa Wilkman (FI)
Excellent 2 - Kangasvuokon Louise Alexandra *26.06.2018, sable
(Kangasvuokon Daniel x Kangasvuokon Shirley)
breeder: Piia Enlund (FI) + Mirja Manninen (FI)      owner: Pia Saxbäck (FI)
Very Good 3 - Cinnaberry’s Happily Ever After photo *18.03.2020, sable
(Sandcastle’s Suits Me x Cinnaberry’s High Hopes)
breeder: Annemari Rehnfors (FI)      owner: Elina Pöllä (FI) + Annemari Rehnfors (FI)
Very Good 4 - Cinnaberry’s Happy Days photo *18.03.2020, sable
(Sandcastle’s Suits Me x Cinnaberry’s High Hopes)
breeder: Annemari Rehnfors (FI)      owner: Liisa Puikkonen (FI)

Winner's Class - Females (1)

Excellent 1, CQ, Best Female 2 - Jucaides Belva Belaney photo *23.11.2018, sable
(Cinnaberry’s Stormwind x Sandcastle’s Choose Some Pink)
breeder: Suvi Lehto (FI)      owner: Eveliina Mykrä (FI)

Veteran Class - Females (1)

Excellent 1, CQ, Best Female 3, BOB Veteran - Clingstone’s Make My Day photo *12.07.2013, tricolor
(Bell Pepper’s Ghost Buster x Shulune Imperial Fabergé)
breeder: Satu Asikainen (FI)      owner: Satu Asikainen (FI)