CACIB Luxembourg (LU) 04.09.2022

7 entries
judge: Rob Douma (NL)

Open Class - Males (2)

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - Bumblebee Mountains Genre fidèle de Rumo photo *17.08.2020, tricolor
(Legend of Camelot’s Noble Roots x Bumblebee Mountains Camouflage doré)
breeder: Gabriele Dippel (DE)      owner: Claudia Beel (DE)
Excellent 2, R.CAC - Legend of Camelot’s Ray Of Light photo *07.03.2019, sable
(Cinnaberry’s Secret Charm x Legend of Camelot’s Miss Dior)
breeder: Heike Ischner (DE)      owner: Anja & Peter Hupperich (DE)

Champion Class - Males (1)

Excellent 1, CAC, R. CACIB - Legend of Camelot’s Quest For Truth photo *23.09.2018, tricolor
(Marakoopa’s Finian x Legend of Camelot’s Catch A Star)
breeder: Heike Ischner (DE)      owner: Laura Längsfeld (DE)

Junior Class - Females (1)

Excellent 1, CAC-J, Best Junior - Curtney Love from black riding Hood photo *27.11.2021, sable
(Alph from black riding Hood x Bloody Mary from the Sun of China)
breeder: Claudia Bohne (DE)      owner: Linda van der Kieft (NL)

Intermediate Class - Females (1)

Very Good 1 - Boogie Fever von den Borkenbergen photo *08.04.2021, tricolor
(Tender Wind’s Dashing Dopey x Asa Nanica Count on me)
breeder: Elke Loer (DE)      owner: Elke Loer (DE)

Open Class - Females (1)

Excellent 1, CAC, rCACIB - Texforrier Because I’m Me photo *11.07.2020, tricolor
(Andante DE’LIA Tale x Clingstone’s Xmas Hope)
breeder: Molli Nyman (FI)      owner: Isabelle Huchon (FR)

Champion Class - Females (1)

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS - Turella’s Keep My Love photo *31.01.2018, blue-merle
(Skye Fall x Turella’s Very Pretty)
breeder: Claudia Schmidt (DE)      owner: Claudia Schmidt (DE)