CACIB Gent (BE) 06.05.2023

4 entries
judge: Uwe Nölke (DE)

Junior Class - Males (1)

Excellent 1, CACIB-J, Best Junior, Best Male, BOS - Bumblebee Mountains Karamel et chocolat au lait photo *25.05.2022, sable
(Legend of Camelot’s Noble Roots x Bumblebee Mountains Camouflage doré)
breeder: Gabriele Dippel (DE)      owner: Claudia Beel (DE)

Intermediate Class - Males (1)

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB - Legend of Camelot’s Zabracadabra photo *10.11.2021, tricolor
(Legend of Camelot’s Vanilla King x Legend of Camelot’s Night In Paris)
breeder: Heike Ischner (DE)      owner: Nadine Gwerder (CH)

Intermediate Class - Females (1)

Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, Best Female, BOB - Curtney Love from black riding Hood photo *27.11.2021, sable
(Alph from black riding Hood x Bloody Mary from the Sun of China)
breeder: Claudia Bohne (DE)      owner: Linda van der Kieft (NL)

Open Class - Females (1)

Excellent 1, R.CAC, R.CACIB - Maroona’s Arwyn photo *28.01.2021, tricolor
(Cinnaberry’s Secret Charm x Silver Serenity’s Maroona)
breeder: Karla Helfenstein (CH)      owner: Gertrud Ladurner (CH)