Progeny of Delta z Tau’ri

4 children from 1 litter | back to profile
*09.03.2013 litter details
kennel: Z Tau’ri - litter F
Brontés Bohemia Elenor photo
Eyes clear (as puppy)
CEA non-carrier
PRA-rcd2 non-carrier
MDR1 +/+
CN (GCS) non-carrier
IntCh, CZ GrandCh, SK GrandCh, RO GrandCh, HU GrandCh, MNE GrandCh, UKR GrandCh, CZ ClubCh (KCHCS & MSKCHCS), NL ClubCh, BALK Ch, SCHW Ch, ADR Ch, MED Ch, SRB Ch, DK Ch, LT Ch, LV Ch, D Ch, A Ch, SK Ch, CZ Ch, NL Ch, PL Ch, HU Ch, HR Ch, SLO Ch, LUX Ch, RO Ch, RSM Ch, AZ Ch, MD Ch, BG Ch, MNE Ch, BIH Ch, ČMKU Ch, UKR Ch, BLR Ch, BEL Ch, CZ VetCh, CZ JCh, PL JCh
EuW-16, 3x Best Junior, 47x BOB, 4x BOV, 11x BOS, 1x 1.BIG, 1x 2.BIG, 2x 3.BIG, 3x 3.BIG, 2x 4.BIG, 2x R.BIS, 4x BIS, BIS Veteran, 49x CACIB, 98x CAC, Victory Winner 2013, 6x Club winner, 7x National winner, Special show winner, Winner Club fur Britische hutehunde e.v.Berlín, Sheepdogs Continental Winner Libramont, Benelux Winner, Crufts 2015 - 2th in Open class & R.CC, EDS 2014 - CAC&ResEuW, WDS Paris - Ex2, WDS 2012 - CAC, Vice World winner Milano 2015, Nationale d’Elevage des Colleys 2014 - BOB, Top collie 2011 & 2012 & 2013, Top dog 2014 MSKCHCS, 2nd Top Youth collie 2011
Coursing: Master of the Czech Summer Wind Cup 2014 in coursing, coursing licence
Helping dogs: canine therapy dog
immunity test - no evidence of immunodeficiency
60 cm
pure for smooth
19 litters
Delta z Tau’ri photo
Eyes clear (as puppy)
1 litter
Fascinero z Tau’Ri photo
tricolor male
Feebee z Tau’Ri photo
tricolor female
Agility: Agility 3, CZ Agility Champion Juniors 2016
58 cm
Fergus z Tau’Ri photo
tricolor male
Fido z Tau’Ri photo
tricolor male