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Date Show Judge Class Result
14.04.2018 Club Show Lučenec (SK) Bev White (UK) Veteran Excellent 1
14.06.2015 World Dog Show Milano (IT) Claus-Peter Fricke (DE) Champion Very Good
11.05.2015 Club Show Lučenec (SK) Michel Mocqué (FR) Champion Excellent 2, R.CAC
23.10.2014 European Dog Show Brno (CZ) MVDr. Vladimír Fiala (CZ) Champion Excellent 2, R.CAC
06.07.2014 CACIB Veľká Ida (SK) Miroslav Václavík (CZ) Champion Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
05.07.2014 CAC Veľká Ida (SK) Grzegorz Robak (PL) Champion Excellent 1, CAC, BOS
18.01.2014 CACIB Trenčín (SK) Andrzej Zamoyski (PL) Champion Excellent 2, R.CAC
01.12.2013 CACIB Nitra (SK) Nenad Davidović (RS) Champion Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
30.11.2013 CACIB Nitra (SK) Sonny Ström (SE) Champion Excellent 1, CAC, R.CACIB
19.05.2013 World Dog Show Budapest (HU) Barry Makepeace (UK) Champion Excellent 1, CAC, R.CACIB
03.03.2013 CACIB Graz (AT) Sándor Szabó (HU) Champion Excellent 1, CACA, CACIB, BOS
01.09.2012 Special Show Košice (SK) István Székely (HU) Champion Excellent 1, CAC, Special Show Winner, BOB, 2.BIS
19.05.2012 World Dog Show Salzburg (AT) Brigita Kremser (SI) Champion Excellent 1, CACA, R.CACIB
09.07.2011 World Dog Show Paris (FR) Blaž Kavčič (SI) Champion Excellent
30.04.2011 Club Show Hurbanovo (SK) Elena Balázsovits (HU) Champion Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner
12.09.2010 Special Show Prešov (SK) Péter Harsányi (HU) Champion Excellent 1, CAC, Special Show Winner, BOB, BIS
06.06.2010 Central-European Winner Club Show Nitra (SK) Brian Hawkins (UK) Champion Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner, Central-European Winner
08.10.2009 World Dog Show Bratislava (SK) Marja Talvitie (FI) Open Excellent 1, CAC
19.09.2009 Special Show Horný Kalník (SK) Mirosław Redlicki (PL) Intermediate Excellent 1, CAC
07.06.2009 Club Show Nitra (SK) Ildikó Muzslai (HU) Intermediate Excellent 1, CAC, Club Winner, BOB
09.05.2009 CACIB Bratislava (SK) Tibor Gellén (HU) Intermediate Excellent 1, CAC, R.CACIB
28.03.2009 CAC Nitra (SK) Angela Kováčová (SK) Intermediate Excellent 2, R.CAC
24.01.2009 CACIB Trenčín (SK) Anna Kochan (PL) Intermediate Excellent 1, CAC
05.10.2008 European Dog Show Budapest (HU) Elena Balázsovits (HU) Junior Excellent 1, HPJ, Junior European Winner
04.10.2008 Club Show Budapest (HU) Ruth Wagner (LU) Junior Excellent 4
20.09.2008 Special Show Horný Kalník (SK) Libuše Ubrová (CZ) Junior Excellent 1, CAJC, Special Show Junior Winner, BOB, BIS
17.08.2008 CACIB Bratislava (SK) Judit Korózs-Papp (HU) Junior Excellent 2
16.08.2008 CACIB Bratislava (SK) Erwin Deutscher (AT) Junior Excellent 1, CAJC, BOB
14.06.2008 Club Show Cífer (SK) Eleonore Singer (AT) Puppy Very Promising 1, BOB puppy