Expected litter

Expected: end of March 2020
Possible colours: tricolor, blue-merle
(contact breeder if you want book a puppy)

Father: Maxime vom Palmbachtal
Mother: Annika vom kleinen Sonnenberg
Kennel: Vom kleinen Sonnenberg


Maxime vom Palmbachtal
tricolor male
  • Eyes clear (5 years)
  • HD A1
  • CEA non-carrier (Slovgen)
  • MDR1 +/+ (Slovgen)
  • DM N/N
pure for smooth
Available for stud
Körklasse II
Annika vom kleinen Sonnenberg
blue-merle female
  • CEA free (as puppy)
  • HD A1
  • CEA non-carrier (Slovgen)
  • MDR1 -/- (Laboklin)
  • DM N/DM (Laboklin)
pure for smooth (Slovgen)
mother of 1 litter


4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations
COI 0.82% AVK 95.16% (5 gen.)
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