Born puppies

Born: 20.10.2020
Count of puppies: 8
Colour and sex: 3 sable males, 1 tricolor male, 2 sable females, 2 tricolor females
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Father: Ab angelo comitante Acon
Mother: Jack Mack’s neala niav
Kennel: Ab angelo comitante
Country: Germany


Ab angelo comitante Acon
tricolor male
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Champion: D Ch (VDH & CfbrH)
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  • HD A1
  • ED 0
  • CEA non-carrier (Laboklin/Optigen)
  • PRA-rcd2 non-carrier (Laboklin/Optigen)
  • MDR1 +/-
  • DM N/N (Laboklin)
Height: 61 cm
pure for smooth (Laboklin)
Available for stud
Körklasse I
father of 8 litters
father of this litter in age 6 years, 6 months
Jack Mack’s neala niav
sable female
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  • CEA/PRA/Kat free (as puppy)
  • CEA carrier
  • PRA-rcd2 non-carrier (by parentage)
  • MDR1 +/- (by parentage)
  • DM N/N
mother of 3 litters
mother of this litter in age 6 years