Expected litter

Expected: end of April 2020
Possible colours: sable, tricolor, blue-merle, sable-merle
(contact breeder if you want book a puppy)

Father: Nightstar’s Sweetheart
Mother: Encore’s American Dream
Kennel: Van Shaka’s Royal Kraal


Nightstar’s Sweetheart
blue-merle male
  • Eyes clear (as puppy & adult)
  • HD A1
  • CEA non-carrier
  • PRA-rcd2 non-carrier
  • MDR1 -/-
  • DM N/DM
  • HUU (SLC) non-carrier
Height: 61 cm
Teeth: scissors bite
rough factor
father of 1 litter
Encore’s American Dream
sable female
Show titles: NL Ch, NL JCh, Benelux Junior Winner 2017
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  • HD A
  • ED free
  • CEA affected (Laboklin)
  • PRA-rcd2 non-carrier (Laboklin)
  • MDR1 +/+ (Laboklin)
  • DM N/N (Laboklin)
  • CN (GCS) non-carrier
  • HUU (SLC) non-carrier (Laboklin)
  • M locus (merle) non carrier (Laboklin)
rough factor
mother of 1 litter


4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations
COI 0% AVK 94.44% (4 gen. - uncomplete)
Nightstar’s Sweetheart Nightstar’s Midnight Fire ? ?
? ?
Nightstar’s Let it Go ? ?
? ?
Encore’s American Dream Camloch Incandescence Long Acres Now You See Me (rough collie) Tartanside Tour de Force
Camloch Long Acre Iridescent
Camloch Silhouette Camloch’s Night to Remember (rough collie)
Camloch Long Acre Iridescent
Encore’s Admiration Encore Belfair’s Bold Ruler Demuir’s Inside Edition
Blossom Hill Enclave Glamour
Encore’s Bronze Illusion Bravo Encore’s Man O’ War
Blossom Hill Encore’s Show Girl