Litter B - Elentudas

Born: 02.02.2020
Name of litter: B
Count of puppies: 5 (5 dogs missing in database)

Father: Sandcastle’s Suits Me
Mother: Chyť si mě Leneli
Kennel: Elentudas
kennel: Elentudas
Country: Czech republic


Sandcastle’s Suits Me
sable male
Show titles: IntCh, FIN Ch, EST Ch, LV Ch, H JCh, WJW-13, BIG1, 6x CC, 5x CACIB, 4x BOS, Central European Cup Junior Winner 2013, 3x BOB-junior, 2x BOB puppy, 1x BIS3 puppy
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  • Eyes clear (as puppy & 18 months)
  • HD A/A
  • ED 0/0
  • CEA non-carrier
  • MDR1 +/-
  • DM N/N
Finnish mental test +124 (secure to shots)
rough factor
Available for stud
father of 12 litters
father of this litter in age 7 years, 8 months
Chyť si mě Leneli
tricolor female
Show titles: IntCh, CZ GrandCh, SK GrandCh, CZ Ch, SK Ch, PL Ch, CZ ClubWorkCh, CZ ClubCh (KCHCS & MSKCHCS), ČMKU Ch, CZ JCh, SK JCh, EuW-16, Vice World Winner 2017, 7x CAJC, 1x res.CAC, 39x CAC, 7x CAC ČMKU, 3x CWC, 2x CACA, 1x res.CACIB, 12x CACIB, 12x Best female, 5x Junior BOB, 3x Junior BIS, 8x BOS, 36x BOB, 7x Club Winner (CZ+SK), 3x National Winner, 3x Winner of Special Show, Slovakia Winner 2017, 4x res.BIS (Club shows), 14x BIS (Club shows), res.BIS female, 4x 4.BIG, 3.BIG, 2.BIG, 1.BIG, Belgian Winner 2016, Benelux Winner 2016, Champion of Champions 4. BIG, Crufts Qualification 2016+2017+2018+2019, TOP puppy 2015, TOP junior female 2015, TOP female 2017
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Sport & Work: Agility 3, BH, OB-Z, OB1, ZOP, ZZO, ZZO1, Upr1, Upr2, F1, MD1, DwD1, HtM1, MD2, HtM2, F2, DwD2, Master of Dogdancing 1, Master of Dogdancing 2, Herding Instinct Test, HWT TS, IHT1 TS, IHT TS 2, Absolute Winner of Agility Collie Cup 2016, CZ Agility Collie Vicechampion 2017
  • CEA/PRA/Kat free (as puppy & 2 years)
  • HD A/A
  • ED 0/0
  • Back OK
  • CEA non-carrier (by parentage)
  • PRA-rcd2 non-carrier (by parentage)
  • MDR1 +/- (Slovgen)
  • DM N/N (Slovgen)
  • OCD free/free
Height: 54 cm
Teeth: scissors bite, fullteeth
pure for smooth (by parentage)
mother of 2 litters
mother of this litter in age 5 years, 6 months