Born: 04.07.1957
Count of puppies: ?

Father: Wythenshawe Windhover
Mother: Peterblue Kirstie
Kennel: Caldhu
Country: United Kingdom

Dogs from this litter

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Caldhu Keith

blue-merle male
father of 1 litter
Country: United Kingdom


Wythenshawe Windhover
tricolor male
Died: 04.1964
(died at age 10 years, 11 months)
Shows & titles
Champion: GB Ch
father of 14 litters
father of this litter in age 4 years, 2 months
no photo
blue-merle female
mother of 1 litter
mother of this litter in age 3 years, 2 months


4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations
COI 1.56% AVK 96.15% (4 gen. - uncomplete)
Wythenshawe Windhover Wythenshawe Watchful Arscott Amiability (rough collie) Kay of Killartry
Wychelms Faithful Wychelms Blue Crusader (rough collie)
Wychelms Silver Maid
Wythenshawe Wattatrreasure Laund Fearless (rough collie) Eden Extra Model
Sandix Tess
Celebrity of Grangeville Grangetown Blue Prince
Sheila of Grangetown
Peterblue Kirstie Merrion Blue Peter (rough collie) Group Captain ?
Merrion Sequence ?
Redevalley Rosita of Ladypark Grangetown Blue Prince Hewburn Perfection
Queen of Carley
Redevalley Rosaline Redevalley Perfection (rough collie)
Redevalley Rosamund