Cinnaberry’s Stormwind        "Ferdinand"

Cinnaberry’s Stormwind Cinnaberry’s Stormwind
Sex: male
Colour: sable
Born: 03.04.2013
Show titles: 2x CC, CACIB, 2x BOB
Other titles: KORAD
  • CEA free (as puppy & 18 months)
  • HD A/A
  • ED 0/0
  • CEA carrier
  • DM N/N (by parentage)
Finnish mental test +174 (secure to shots)
Korning (new) +316
MH description done (secure to shots)
Height: 61 cm
Kennel: Cinnaberry’s
kennel: Cinnaberry’s
Country: Finland
Country: Sweden
Country: Sweden


4 generations | 5 generations | 6 generations
COI 0% AVK 95.45% (6 gen. - uncomplete)
Windstorm of Netiv HaAyit Wild Wind’s Free Fallin Hawk’s Nests Tymless Journey Fantasy Touched By An Angel Fantasy’s Fortune in Bronze ?
Bo-Dandy’s Asti Spumanti ?
Hawks Nest A Penny From Heaven ? ?
? ?
Wild Wind’s Magic Carpet Ride Pinewynd’s Sparkling Brut Collairine Convoy O’Pinewynd ?
Pinewynd’s Oreo Deluxe ?
Wild Wind On A Winter Night Collairine Convoy O’Pinewynd ?
Wild Wind’s Summertime Blues ?
Ability’s Kate of Ohadi Belfair Blue Cadillac Edenrock The Mask Of Society ? ?
? ?
Belfair Barely An Angel ? ?
? ?
Ohadi Grace Under Fire Bit O Heaven’s Darae Gun ? ?
? ?
Ohadi My Blue Interlude (rough collie) Pennylane’s The Great Pretender ?
Ohadi Ivory Wild Wind (rough collie) Fraelin’s Blue Chip
Wild Winds Amber Belle of Thara
Mighty’s Spring Meadow Geyser Garden Zenith of Fame Fantazija Sandcastle’s Truth Or Dare Sandcastle’s Trick Or Treat Raynoor Self Made Man OneWay’s Got To Be A Lover
Cepu-Jesse’s Arganjilly
Sandcastle’s Happy With Hilma Baubon’s Oklahoma Oliwer
Goldbody’s Back In Business
Sandcastle’s Skinnydipping Baubon’s Oklahoma Oliwer Fairlines Last Minute
Goldbody’s Amazing Amazon
Goldbody’s Classy Coctail Foxearth Freeman
Goldbody’s After Eight
Me Myself Fantazija Scandyline Big Black Dream Dalimattas Big Blue Boss Foxearth Frankie
Exalted Blue-Belle
Pihatuvan Rebekka Follow Follow The Line
Dalimattas Lady Lapponia
Helmlake Hot Women Newarp Dark Crusader at Jesena Sylbecq Draught Guinness at Foxearth
Newarp Silver Moonlight
Astrellita Abracadabra for Helmlake Hilltarn Glenn
Astrellita Blues Singer at Delaws
Shulune Imperial Signature Moon Walker from Misstoff Rowvale Dream Racer Sharidon Silver Phantom at Foxearth Newarp Cat Dancing at Dakotah
Foxearth Silver Florin
Southcombe Solitaire at Rowvale Manordeifi Lord Snoopy
Southcombe Summer Gem
Foxearth Fern Ominal Foxearth Fire Cracker Foxearth Gold Fever
Foxearth Silver Fontan
Foxearth Flower de Luce at Misstoff Sharidon Silver Phantom at Foxearth
Foxearth Fire Imp
Shulune Lady of Lorien Foxearth High Falutin Foxearth Sandy Footprints Baubon’s Oklahoma Oliwer
Sandcastle’s Oh’ La La
Foxearth Future Magic OneWay’s Skalle Per
Cownbred Hot ’N’ Spicy at Foxearth
Chicnoir Elusive Dream At Shulune Merland Midnight Marauder Newarp Dark Sorcerer
Merland Blue Symphony
Chicnoir Razamataz Crossfell’s Quiescence
Astrellita Athena at Chicnoir